Top 10 Rare and Unusual Pigeons

I know I shouldn’t, but I am often feeding the pigeons in the town center. I love all animals especially birds because I find them so fascinating. If only our common city pigeons looked like this lot, people might think very differently of them…



Top 10 Rare and Unusual Pigeons
Saxon Field Pigeon

10 – Saxon Field Pigeon –

The Saxon Pigeon is the first of quite a few fancy, designer pigeons that have been subject to selective breeding over a number of years. While not a natural bird, they are still amazing to look at.

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Pigeons
Jacobin Pigeon

9 – Jacobin Pigeon –

Described as the world’s most fashionable pigeon they are certainly not your average, everyday pigeon.

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Pigeons
English Trumpeter Pigeon

8 – English Trumpeter Pigeon –

It’s hard to see that this is a bird at all let alone a breed of pigeon. The English Trumpeter is a breed of fancy pigeon that has been “developed” from very, very selective breeding.

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Pigeons
Pied Imperial Pigeon

7 – Pied Imperial Pigeon –

Found in the forests and woodlands of New Guinea it is one of the largest species of pigeon in the world and one of the good looking ones as well.

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Top 10 Rare and Unusual Pigeons
Frillback Pigeon

6 – Frillback Pigeon –

This designer pigeon might have all curly and fancy feathers to look at, but this also means the frillback has no water resistance and are highly susceptible to cold if wet! It’s not all about fashion darling!

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Pigeons
Victoria Crowned Pigeon

5 – Victoria Crowned Pigeon –

It’s time to take a bow or curtsy because this is a royal pigeon! While its numbers are holding strong it is not seen around human habitats making it quite a rare sight, if not a rare species.

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Pigeons
Spinifex Pigeons

4 – Spinifex Pigeons –

This is the spinifex pigeon often found in Australia, and they are one of only 2 pigeon species in the entire world with an erect crest!

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Pigeons
Pink-Necked Green Pigeons

3 – Pink-Necked Green Pigeons –

If only our UK pigeons looked like these! These are definitely one of the most colourful and amazing pigeons in the world. But apparently, it is as common as fresh air!

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Top 10 Rare and Unusual Pigeons
African Green Pigeons

2 – African Green Pigeons –

I’m pretty sure these 2 from Lesser Bongolia are not balancing to be in a circus act but are doing the dirty bird dance.

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Pigeons
Nicobar Pigeon

1 – Nicobar Pigeon –

The Nicobar pigeon can be found on the Nicobar Islands (hence it’s name) classified as Near Threatened because throughout its wide range it is thought to be declining at a very fast rate making it one of the rarest pigeons in the world. Which is a shame because it really is beautiful.

Author: Gus Barge

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