Ten of the Worlds Strangest and Most Unusual Patron Saints

I am sure many people won’t really care, or indeed know what a Patron Saint is. These special people claim special protection or prayers for all sorts of things. From Saint David who is the national patron saint today here in Wales(Saint David’s Day), to these others that are Patron Saints of some very unusual things indeed…



Top 10 Funny And Unusual Patron Saints
St. Bibiana: The Patron Saint of Hangovers

10 – St. Bibiana

Poor St. Bibiana saw her parents martyred, her sister Demetria force her into prostitution, and Upon her continued refusal, Vivian was imprisoned in a madhouse, then flogged to death. But when she passed away a church was built over her grave which is located in a garden which grew a herb that cured headaches and epilepsy!

Top 10 Funny And Unusual Patron Saints
St. Lidwina: The Patron Saint of Ice Skaters

9 – St. Lidwina

Poor Saint Lidwina was aged just 15 when she fell while ice skating, fracturing her ribs. She sadly never recovered and was left disabled for the rest of her life. But now it is said she watched over all other ice-skaters.

Top 10 Funny And Unusual Patron Saints
St. Hubert of Liege: The Patron Saint of The Fear Of Werewolves

8 – St. Hubert

There are a lot of saints seen here that are tasked with some very bizarre patronages indeed. But to be honest the last thing I would need is someone to look after the fear of Werewolves! But back when most of these Saints were patronised it things like this were common in town stories, so I guess someone had to look after them.

Top 10 Funny And Unusual Patron Saints
St Vitus: The Patron Saint of Oversleeping

7 – St Vitus

Now here is a Saint most of us have needed from one time or another. Sadly he didn’t have the happiest story ever. He was thrown into a boiling cauldron with a rooster, hence the links that help get people up at a more reasonable hour.

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Top 10 Funny And Unusual Patron Saints
St Magnus of Füssen: The Patron Saint of Caterpillars

6 – St Magnus

Don’t let the crocodile in Saint Magnus’s image confuse you. He got this title because he was always out looking after the crops from caterpillars, so now he spends his internal life looking after them.

Top 10 Funny And Unusual Patron Saints
St. Arnulf of Metz: The Patron Saint of Beer

5 – St. Arnulf

All you beer drinkers fear not, it is Saint Arnulf of Metz is looking out for you. After a very long journey with not much hope of survival, a group of people thanked Arnulf for replenishing their supply of beer to last the journey.

Top 10 Funny And Unusual Patron Saints
St. Columbanus: The Patron Saint of Motorcyclists

4 – St. Columbanus

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous any day of the week. But don’t worry because Saint Columbanus has your back. Columbanus spent 30 years of his life doing missionary journeys through Germany and Switzerland, then crossed the Alps into northern Italy, and this path is often seen as the motorcyclist’s heaven.

Top 10 Funny And Unusual Patron Saints
St. Giles: The Patron Saint of The Fear Of Breastfeeding

3 – St. Giles

The story behind this is even weird that his title! The story goes that Saint Giles became a hermit, living in a cave. It turns out he sustained himself for several years suckling on only on the milk of a deer! You’re looking at that image in a whole new light now ain’t you!

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Top 10 Funny And Unusual Patron Saints
St. Drogo of Seville: The Patron Saint of Coffee

2 – St. Drogo

Now here is a Patron Saint I can relate too because Saint Drogo is officially the Patron Saint of coffee! Sadly I found a little story as to why he was indeed the Patron Saint of coffee, but sometimes the “How” is not as important (Or as interesting) as the “Is”.

Top 10 Funny And Unusual Patron Saints
St. Isidore of Seville: The Patron Saint of The Internet

1 – St. Isidore

How can this man be the Patron Saint of the internet when he died on 4 April 636AD? Well, it turns out when he was alive he wrote a book called “Etymologies”, also known as the Origins. This book was an encyclopaedia of sorts and he tried to record everything that was known at the time. And that is very much how the internet is, and thus he becomes the Patron Saint of it.

Author: Gus Barge

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