Top 10 Unusual Junk Yards, Bone Yards & Stockpiles

Some people might call them beautiful, some people might say they are creepy and some might even cry at the sight of them. What you are about to see are ten of the world’s most amazing junk yards! Sometimes even junk can look beautiful…

Top 10 Unusual Junk Yards, Bone Yards & Stockpiles

Graveyard of Wood
Graveyard of Wood

10 – Enough for 2 pencils!

Ok, this is more of a stockpile than a grave or bone yard, but as for the trees have been cut down I would say that this is a graveyard of sorts. Located in Byholman in Sweden it is officially the Worlds largest stockpile of wood. Best of all, not one of them was cut down, they are all fallen trees from a Category 1 hurricane that hit the woods.

Graveyard of Tanks
Graveyard of Tanks

9 – The end of the war.

This is a Kharkov armor repair facility in Ukraine and it is home to well over six and a half thousand tanks! From T-64s, T-72s to T-80 there is something here for any historian to drool over but for us no history-loving people it just makes for an amazing image.

Graveyard of Fire Trucks
Graveyard of Fire Trucks

8 – No way for a hero.

They once helped to save an awful lot of lives so I have to say that I find this image rather sad in a beautiful sort of way. This Fire truck bone yard is made up of all the older, retired fire trucks that the Los Angeles County fire department can’t find a home for.

Graveyard of Tyres
Graveyard of Tyres

7 – Sick and tyred of polluting the planet.

This is a rather sad and strangely amazing image of the World’s biggest tyre dump in Kuwait goes to show how much we pollute the plant with used tyres each and every year. But it does lead to same rather amazing images.

Graveyard of Glass
Graveyard of Glass

6 – One persons trash is…..rather beautiful!

This is Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California and it was the Worlds biggest dumping ground of broken bottles and glass. When the local authorities tried to clean the beach up they took away all the contaminating things and left all the broken glass because it would have been next to impossible to scrape it up. But over the years the waves have softened and polished all the glass and turned the whole beach into something rather amazing.

Graveyard of Cars
Graveyard of Cars

5 – I like driving in my car! …well I used to anyway.

This incredible scrap yard for cars and various other vehicles is one of the biggest in the World and photographer Chris Jordan certainly makes it looks like a work of art. It is well worth seeing all the other images from him by visiting the link

Graveyard of Buses
Graveyard of Buses

4 – The 252 bus to the Boneyard!

All these buses located at the bus boneyard, Murrieta, California is one of those places that shows how wasteful us humans can be, but also how amazing things can look when you place loads of them together.

Graveyard of Ships
Graveyard of Ships

3 – Life on the Ocean waves…no more.

If this doesn’t impress you, not a lot will. This is the port of Nouadhibou is situated in Mauritania and is nothing short of incredible when seen from the Google Earth satellite. Given that this image is still taken fairly high up you can’t even start to imagine what it must look like from the ground. Amazing for sure, and also rather polluting.

Graveyard of Trains
Graveyard of Trains

2 – Next Stop?…Retirement!

This sad but also rather wonderful looking graveyard for old trains is in south-west Bolivia and is said to be made up from over 8000 trains! I think it looks amazing and if you visit the like you can see the rest of the place you will see why I plan to take a trip here one day.

Graveyard of planes
Graveyard of planes

1 –  Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away! …or maybe not.

What you are looking at here might well look like art but this is a military aircraft graveyard in Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona. Due to the sheer amount or planes and the area, it covers you get a rather amazing image when the imaging satellite for Google Earth goes over it!


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