While I am never going to have the figure to become a cross-dresser, I do feel a little jealous when I see all my partners shoes. Sadly us men will never have that sort of choice on offer, we just have a few shoes to choose from when women (or cross-dressers) have hundreds to choose from, including this weird-looking lot…



Top 10 Strange and Unusual High Heel Shoes

Dinosaur Heeled Shoes

10 – Mikesaurus – www.instructables.com/id/dinosaur-heels

If you think these shoes are amazing there is a full making guide if you fancy making your own! Only Instructables could have something like this that is for sure.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual High Heel Shoes

Beyoncé: Run the World

9 – Gareth Pugh – www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2011/oct/21/high-heels-exhibition-shoe-design

Only someone as glamorous as Beyoncé could pull off wearing a pair of shoes like this. This exact pair is not on display in a London gallery, so sadly not for sale.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual High Heel Shoes

Lego High-heel Shoes

8 – Finn Stone – fashionablygeek.com/shoes/lego-stilettos

Finn Stone has always been someone who puts the fun into everything he makes, but these women’s shoes are probably one of his best creations. Colourful and easy to put back together should they break!

Top 10 Strange and Unusual High Heel Shoes

Kinetik High-Heel Shoes

7 – Radevich Anastasia – oddstuffmagazine.com/unusual-shoe-collection-high-heels.html

These shoes illuminated by LED lights are perfect for someone attending a Frozen themed party. Part of the amazing Radevich Anastasias Spring collection these you can really purchase!

Top 10 Strange and Unusual High Heel Shoes

Dog Themed High Heel Shoes

6 – Kobi Levi – www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/incredibly-creative-high-heels

This is not the last pair we will see from the very talented Kobi Levi, but his designs are so amazing I could have done an entire post about his designs alone!

Top 10 Strange and Unusual High Heel Shoes

Chain High-heel Shoes

5 – Wuizo – izismile.com/2012/01/12/crazy_high_heels_that_kill_your_feet_30_pics.html

If you are looking to make an art statement simply by wearing a pair of shoes these by London designer Wuizo are sure to get you noticed (and probably arrested as well.)

Top 10 Strange and Unusual High Heel Shoes

Stiletto Police high heels

4 – Tim Cooper – gadgether.com/sexy-police-woman-high-heels/

Looking at these shoes it is easy to see why I get so jealous of women’s shoes, these are not just cool they are verging on being epic! With flashing lights and sleek design, they are sure to be any police woman’s dream shoe.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual High Heel Shoes

Animal Shoe Art

3 – Iris Schieferstein – lisabrown.com/night-of-the-ugly-shoes

If you have ever wanted to have a pair of hooves instead of feet this amazing pair of shoes by crazy animal themed designer Iris Schieferstein is for you. To be fair they do look really real!

Top 10 Strange and Unusual High Heel Shoes

Playground Slide High Heel Shoes

2 – Kobi Levi – kobilevidesign.blogspot.co.uk/2010/12/slide.html

To be fair to Kobi he graduated from Bezalel Academy of art & design in Jerusalem, so he knows how to design things that are a little out of this world. While most of his designs are nothing but concepts some do get made for real.

Alien-Inspired High-Heel Shoes

Alien-Inspired High-Heel Shoes

1 – Alexander McQueen – uk.pinterest.com/theworldstop10

Trust me to find something nerdy to make my number 1 even in the crazy world of high-heel shoes. But what a way to end this list than with one of the world’s top shoe designers taking on one of the top sci-fi movies!


Which one did you like?

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