Ten Unusual Elephant Gift Ideas for People Who Love Them

The humble elephant is an animal that is loved by a lot of people. Maybe it is because of its conservation fight, or maybe it is those big floppy ears, but whenever the reason when it comes to Birthday and Christmas gift ideas there are far too many to choose from, so I have decided to bring you the top 10 best of them…



Ten Unusual Elephant Gift Ideas for People Who Love Them
Novelty Elephant Hot Water Bottle

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Ever wanted to cuddle up to a real elephant? Well think again because in the wild they can be very dangerous, so I would stick to this soft and cuddly hot water bottle instead.

Elephant USB Drive

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It is just a shame they don’t come in elephant-sized memory, but they are very cute none the less. Perfect for a mini gift or present they are almost unbreakable! But I bet I could do it in the end. But I couldn’t hurt such a cute looking thing in the first place.

Ceramic Elephant Egg Cup

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With Easter coming up, there would be no better time to buy an egg cup, and this elephant one ticks all the right boxes! Super cute and….it holds eggs! But seriously it is a great gift idea and I know any elephant fan would love this at Easter much more than chocolate!

Elephant Teapot

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Why did I go with the rather plain looking teapot when there are many, many others out there that are far more decorative? Well, this is no ordinary elephant, this has been handcrafted and is a fair trade product with all the money going to the family run business in northern Thailand. A rewarding buy indeed.

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Elephant Salt and Pepper Shakers

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I think it was the creative colouring that won me other with these, they look action-packed and ready to fight! The only problem that I can see with them is that while an elephant doesn’t forget, I might well forget which one was salt and which one was pepper!!!

Circus / Elephant Shape Waffle Shape Maker

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While Waffles are much more an American thing, they are still loved all over the world but not as much. But I am sure that this big top animals waffle maker would mean an instant hit no matter who you bought it from or where they lived! Fantastic stuff.

Elephant Wine Bottle Holder

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I am sure if an elephant could drink wine it would only be drinking to forget! But bad memories aside this rather playful wine bottle holder could make a great gift idea for someone! I think this might have made it into my post “Top 10 Unusual Bottle Holders

Elephant Bottle stopper

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There is no need to explain why I picked this item, it is hysterical! With just his pink bum showing the poor elephant is well and truly stuck in the bottle. As far as novelty elephant gifts go this one is right up there on my wishlist!

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Personal Mini Animal Elephant fan

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This, of course, Dumbo! But this time, those big ears of his are not helping him fly, but helping him to keep you cool in those summer days! I can always remember these mini fans being all the rage, but are they still cool? Jokes aside, maybe someone will love it.

Microwaveable Elephant Cushion

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Not only is this elephant cushion cute and lovable, but you can also pop it into the microwave and warm him up inside to have a nice warm cushion all night long! Not only a great little gadget but also perfect for the kids on those cold winter nights.

Author: Gus Barge

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