Ten Ways to Make Money From Bitcoin Without a PC

Ten Ways to Make Money From Bitcoin Without a PC

To make money from Bitcoin you need to have a PC right? Well…no. In fact, there are a number of ways you can make money from Bitcoin without a PC and this list features ten of the best of them. There is no better time to get into Bitcoin as a financial investment or as a gamble. As long as you never spend money you can’t afford to gamble any of these ideas are well worth a look…

Currency Investment

If you fancy having a well-diversified portfolio you might well want to consider investing in Bitcoin. You don’t need to do any of the mining yourself and you don’t really need to have advanced knowledge in the way it is made. You just treat it like a normal currency, only in digital form.

Buy Bitcoins

You might think you need to pay a lot of money to own a bitcoin, but the truth is you don’t need to own a whole one. You can buy small amounts from people and just build them up in your digital wallet. This can be a great way of hoarding them long-term and even making money selling smaller amounts when the value of them is high.

Use an ETF

ETF stands for ‘Exchange-traded fund’ and is a type of investment fund and exchange-traded product rolled into one. You still need to make a digital wallet and sign up on a cryptocurrency exchange, but you don’t need a mining PC to do this. Just buy some bitcoins anyway and use them to invest. Its a weird way of doing things, but it can also bring about much greater returns than simple Bitcoin buying.

Bitcoin Stocks

You can make money from Bitcoin without even owning or investing in Bitcoin! This method is all about crypto stocks and making money through stocks and shares that are influenced by Bitcoins price. Companies like Tesla, Square and Salesforce are all good starting points.

Ten Ways to Make Money From Bitcoin Without a PC

Shares in Miners

There are some people out there who will sell you a share of their Bitcoin mining rigs. This way you don’t need to own a PC yourself, you use theirs to earn money. You need to be REALLY careful with this method as there have been some bad actors tricking people into handing over cash for nothing.

Shares in a Bitcoin Mine

You don’t need to own a PC yourself, or a Bitcoin mine, you can always simply buy shares in a Bitcoin mine. These are normally warehouses with hundreds of PV running all at once. The good news with this investment is all that equipment is worth a lot of money even to PC gamers, so you should get money back even if the mine closes down because all those PC components can be sold on the 2nd hand market. You don’t need to purchase a giant mining farm with this method, just a small setup will do.

2nd Hand Bitcoin Miner

PC and mining rigs that have been used to mine Bitcoins tend to go for smaller sums than their usual 2nd hand counterparts because they have been worked so hard (often to the point that performance is reduced and they are no longer profitable). By purchasing these rigs and selling the parts you can often get a nice bit of profit. If you work hard on eBay you will know all the tricks to earn even more.

New Bitcoin Miner Parts

Do you have a wholesaler who can get you Bitcoin miner rigs or just the parts they use on the cheap? Why not build a few rigs yourself and sell them onwards. You don’t need to own a PC yourself, just enjoy making them! You often find people who make these rigs will add a few thousand on top of the price of the parts, thus making money from Bitcoin without the risky investment!

Ten Ways to Make Money From Bitcoin Without a PC

Invest in Bitcoin Software and Support

There are plenty of companies, websites and apps out there that you can invest in (and in some cases even buy) that not only help keep other peoples Bitcoin secure but also support them. Digital wallets, hashing software, just about anything that is influenced by Bitcoin without it being directly linked.

Cashout at Bitcoin Casino Sites

Believe it or not, there are several online casino sites and Bitcoin slots that will Payout in Bitcoin! All you have to do is win a little bit and simply cashout in Bitcoin. Sure, you still need a digital wallet to keep them secure, but it is something you can do. Then to earn even more money on your win simply hold onto those Bitcoins until they are worth more than your original Cashout price!

Just be aware that all these methods are a form of gambling in some shape or form, which does mean you can just as easily lose money as to make it. Always invest and gamble responsibly because if you are trying to earn a living from these methods you are not doing yourself any favours.

Author: Gus Barge

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