The Top 10 Most Popular Home Improvements in the UK

You might think this is a list that hasn’t changed since the first B&Q shop was opened. But you would be truly surprised at how much it fluctuates year on year as more and more people take on bigger DIY jobs like making their own bespoke bedroom furniture or other amazing home DIY ideas. While time does seem to change things a lot it is also other things like the weather as well as regional variations which this list ever-changing. But for this year these are the ten most popular home improvements people are making…


Cellar Conversion

10 – Cellar Conversion (Percentage of homeowners: 6%)

We start with something that can mean a lot of things. Some people give their cellar a makeover, some people dig a cellar out! Either way, this is a mammoth DIY job and one best not done without the experience.

Bedroom Makeover

9 – Bedroom Makeover (Percentage of homeowners: 7%)

From simply redecorating to installing fitted wardrobes, a bedroom makeover can be a much bigger job than you first think. The best advice is to do it in small stages rather than all at once, especially if you still plan to sleep in it while the renovation work is ongoing.

Attic Conversion

8 – Attic Conversion (Percentage of homeowners: 10%)

While most people will be happy for a few floorboards and a nice loft ladder, some people like to go that extra mile and install staircases, bathrooms and even small home theatre systems!

Fitting Solar Panels

7 – Fitting Solar Panels (Percentage of homeowners: 11%)

While you can indeed buy them yourself, this is a job that most people will get a professional to do. Not only is the roof work dangerous, but the electrics need to be hard-wired into your system and that is something no-one should mess around with.

Knocked Through Rooms

6 – Knocked Through Rooms (Percentage of homeowners: 11%)

Making the kitchen and dining room a single “breakfast room” is something a lot of people have been doing as of late as people prefer to eat as a family more and more.

House Extension

5 – House Extension (Percentage of homeowners: 16%)

This could mean a simple conservatory or it could mean a whole new extension to the house. This is one job that can cost you a lot more in the future if not done properly so get some professional advice before you do anything.

Garden Makeover

4 – Garden Makeover (Percentage of homeowners: 28%)

Digging, weeding or even some nice decking. A garden makeover is something a lot of people do because it can be the most rewarding thing. There is nothing like all that hard work then looking out the window and admiring it (as it rains outside).

New Central Heating System

3 – New Central Heating System (Percentage of homeowners: 33%)

This doesn’t necessarily mean a whole new heating system. It often means a new cost-effective boiler or radiators being moved away from drafty windows.

New Kitchen

2 – New Kitchen (Percentage of homeowners: 39%)

This is something everyone wishes for and the DIY fan dreams of doing. This task is all about those measurements and making sure you are millimetre perfect. Why not get a professional to measure up, then you do all the hard work.

New Bathroom

1 – New Bathroom (Percentage of homeowners: 44%)

A new bathroom can give any home a finished look and it is also one of the easier things to do for any amateur DIY enthusiast. But I will suggest that you get a qualified plumber in to do any pipework. Get that bit wrong and it can ruin the new bathroom and the room below it! Costly mistakes are easily made here.

Author: Gus Barge

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