Ten of the Strangest Christmas Tree Decorations You Will Ever See

If there is one thing my little boy loves doing it is helping me hang the Christmas tree baubles. Sure he normally sticks about 5 on one branch, but he enjoys it. But I think it is time to get some new ones, something modern, something unique, something amazing…

Wine Inspired Christmas Tree Bauble

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Most people will be enjoying a small glass of wine at Christmas time, so I think the super cheap bauble would make a great little gift for those sorts of people. Drinks up and here is to your health.

Blog Inspired Christmas Tree Baubles

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There are a little expensive, but that makes it perfect for us bloggers because we are all super rich right? Well no, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love these, even if I am poor!

Globe Inspired Christmas Tree Baubles

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Not only do these look amazing, but also very unique indeed. Of course, the baubles round shapes helps, it doesn’t matter what shape they are, it would still have been a good idea.

Angry Bird Inspired Christmas Tree Baubles

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OK, they are not as popular as they once were, but that doesn’t stop them from being cool! And let’s face it, kit the whole tree out with these instead of the boring traditional ones would make it look rather amazing!

M&M's Inspired Christmas Tree Baubles

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If like me you love a bowl of M&M’s now and again every day then you will love this collection of 5 miniature characters that look very festive already let along on the tree!

Cat Inspired Christmas Tree Baubles

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I have to say that I do find these a little….creepy! But if you are looking for something unique and unusual you are in the right place when you buy these scary cat decorations.

TARDIS and Dalek Inspired Christmas Tree Baubles

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It does have to be said that while these are very cool indeed, they are also rather expensive! But the level of detail in them does counteract this. Well, I think it does anyway.

Video Game Inspired Christmas Tree Baubles

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If you are a fan of Atari, SEGA, PS1 or the classic NES you will definitely love these and they make a very good and affordable alternative to traditional decorations as well.

Death Star Inspired Christmas Tree Bauble

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Not only nerdy but also very much falling into the amazing zone as well. Sure it is made of Lego and lacks that touch of detail, but it is still cool and well worth hanging on the tree.

Terrarium Inspired Christmas Tree Bauble

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The fact that we could make something this cool ourselves is enough to make this my number 1, but they look like one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! What is not to like about a mini garden inside a bauble!

Author: Gus Barge

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