Ten Crazy, Weird and Unusual Bathmats You Can Buy Right Now

Are you looking for a new bathmat to tread on when you step out of the bathtub or shower? If you are you might want to consider one of these. But they are not your usual bathmats, not at all. They are ten of the craziest and most unusual bathmats you will ever see and you can buy them all right now…

Bloody Bathmat
Bloody Bathmat

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When dry this looks like a normal white bathmat. But when someone steps on it in wet feet it turns red and thus creates a fun prank you play on someone. Get one of these and you will be inviting people around your home to use your shower!

Moss Bathmat

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This isn’t just a bathmat that looks like woodland moss, it really is made from real moss that feeds off the droplets of water that fall from you when you stand on it!

Adventure Time BMO Bathmat

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If you enjoyed seeing all the other BMO gift ideas I showed you, this bathmat makes a pretty good addition to that list.

Fallout Vault-Tec Bathmat

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If you and your family are lucky enough to be accepted into the Vault-Tec vault program you might want a nice bathmat to go with your decor and this one is simply perfect.

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Hazmat Bathmat

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It can sometimes be a hazard stepping out of the bathtub when you don’t have a bathmat to step onto so why not counteract that hazard with this hazmat…mat!

Thick Memory Foam Bathmat

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If you like your bath mats thick you don’t get much thicker than this one that features Gorilla Grip Memory Foam for the thickest of materials.

Bamboo Bath Mat

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Not only is this bath mat made from real bamboo sticks, but it is also pretty easy to clean and maintain. Because the colour is 100% grained into the sticks you can just throw the mat into some bleach and let it clean itself!

Bottle Corks Bathmat

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While you could always make this bathmat yourself if you have enough corks saved up, you can also buy them to pretend as you made it yourself.

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Grass Bathmat

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If you enjoy the feeling of stepping out of the shower and onto a nice soft bathmat, just imagine how it would feel to step onto the grass! (not real grass, but just as good!)

Pebbles Bathmat

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While some people don’t like stepping on pebbles this bathmat might be softer than you think because all the pebbles are made from soft materials made to look like pebbles.

Author: Gus Barge

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