Ten of the Very Best Children’s Ride-On Suitcases You Can Buy

While I do wish they made these for adults I suppose I would look a little odd darting around on one of these amazing suitcases at an airport. But what I can do is get enjoyment seeing my little one enjoy it and for those stressful times are airports and other holiday areas they are perfect for keeping them amused. But there are so many of them these days to choose from! So I have gone out in search for ten of the very best ride-on suitcases money can buy…

Sports Car Ride-On Suitcase for Children
Sports Car Ride-On Suitcase for Children

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If your children tend to go slow through the airport when you are in a rush this ride-on suitcase might make them go a little faster. I just hope it has good breaks for those fast corners.

Scooter Ride-On Suitcase for Children

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If your little one thinks he will grow up to be a scooter delivery driver maybe this is what they will enjoy practising on, especially during the busy airport rush around.

R/C Hummer Ride-On Suitcase for Children

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Not only does this suitcase look like a hummer (which is pretty cool) but it also has a remote control for mum and dad to use that can help guide them around the airport rather than having them going all over the place.

Dumper Truck Ride-On Suitcase for Children

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Does your little one love playing with construction toys? If they do this ride-on suitcase is for them. It also has a long retractable handle to pull them along on when they get tired of doing it themselves.

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Shaun the Sheep Ride-On Suitcase for Children

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He’s Shaun the sheep, He’s Shaun the sheep! And he also happens to be a nice sized ride-on suitcase for kids. Given them this to amuse themselves and I am sure they won’t be baaaad at all!

Batman Ride-On Suitcase for Children

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While it would have been better to be the shape of the Batman logo its still pretty good and sure to keep fans of the superhero amused while at the airport.

Paw Patrol Ride-On Suitcase for Children

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Shaped like Marshall who is the team’s brave firedog pup. He’s always ready to roll around the airport, but sometimes he gets too excited and can be a little clumsy.

Trunki The Gruffalo Ride-On Suitcase for Children

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If your little one loves reading books they might well have heard of the Gruffalo by writer and playwright Julia Donaldson. Now they can ride off into the airport forest on the back of him!

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Costzon 3-in-1 Ride-On Suitcase for Children

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Not only is this one a ride on scooter, but it is also a kick scooter and a Ride on tricycle for your little ones to enjoy. If they start to feel nervous about going on holiday letting them play with this beforehand is a good way of getting them used to it.

Thomas The Tank Engine Ride-On Suitcase for Children

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I know a lot of little ones still enjoy Thomas and his friends to chugging around the airports on this is sure to make any holiday more fun and keep the little ones on the right track.

Author: Gus Barge

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