Ten Weird, Crazy and Unusual Bacon Gifts for People Who Love Bacon

“Oh yeah! Bacon goes with everything, you can make whatever you wanted from bacon!” Here is a news flash for everyone who has ever said that…It doesn’t! And this post is all about the things that bacon really should have interfered with. Many of them you would have seen before in my previous posts, but I think it is better to see them all in one place to show you people we need to stop the bacon invasion now! Let the wrongdoings commence…



Bacon inspired lip balm
Bacon inspired lip balm

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First seen in my post “Top 10 Unusual Lip Balms” this is just the start of what is wrong with this bacon invasion. Bacon on the lips might be nice for the wearer, but not so nice for the potential person kissing them.

Bacon inspired toothpaste

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One again this was seen in my post “Top 10 Most Unusual Toothpaste” this is very wrong indeed. There is no such thing as a bacon fresh breath and believe me when I tell you that even the most hardened bacon fans find this one hard to swallow.

Bacon inspired soap

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I do enjoy washing with soap and I do like to stay as clean as I can, but I would never use a bar of soap that has been inspired by bacon! If I wanted to smell like a cooked pig I wouldn’t bother washing for a month and save the cost of this awful soap.

Bacon inspired water

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This bacon flavoured water is technically made for dogs and cats and is a premium water drink for them. Other flavours include Beef, Chicken and Turkey. While it might well be made for pets, lots of people have been buying them as a gift for bacon lovers everywhere.

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Bacon inspired Vodka

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Vodka and coke? Cool! Vodka and bacon? Not so cool! But if you are a bit of a vodka connoisseur then you might well have to try this, and it sure would make for an unusual gift idea for anyone. But I personally don’t think I would bring myself to drink it.

Bacon inspired wallet

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I have often heard the saying of bringing home cash, being called “bring home the bacon” but never before have I seen a wallet that has been inspired by the stuff! It doesn’t even look nice, I just find that very strange indeed.

Bacon inspired plasters

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Did you now know about the amazing healing abilities of bacon? No!?! Well, that is because it doesn’t any, therefore making these bacon plasters slightly pointless!

Bacon inspired shaving cream

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I always dry shave, but for those people who do use shaving cream comes this rich bacon lather cream! Why on earth would you want to shave with something that smells of bacon?!? Maybe I am just not getting this whole bacon love thing.

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Bacon inspired Perfume

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Nothing drives a man wild than the smell of bacon. But that is bacon that is being cooked! Spraying bacon perfume over yourself is never going to mean bacon lovers everywhere flock to you like birds to bread. It just means, you will smell like breakfast!

Bacon inspired Condoms

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For this blog, I really have saved the worst for last and have to admit that I have no idea where to start with them. I like to keep my blog as family friendly and clean as possible, but when it comes to worst things inspired by bacon, these were always going to win. <

Author: Gus Barge

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