Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs

Is there anything cuter than a baby Panda? Well, many people would say there isn’t. But the problem is that dogs are all too aware of this fact and have started to dress up and even look like pandas! But are they cuter than real Pandas? Let’s find out…

Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs

Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs
Dog in a Panda Costume

10 – Over Cute

What happens if you take a cute dog and stick it into a cute costume? Well if you ask me the results look a little scary in a “Trying too hard” kind of way. But regardless it makes me smile and that means it makes this list.

Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs
Dog in a Panda Costume

9 – Panda Problems

I love all dogs (and indeed all animals) but some dogs are just not…how can I put this…visual pleasing on the eye enough to pull off a Panda costume. Sadly for this lovable animals he fits that category.

Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs
Dog in a Panda Costume, Covered in Baby Pandas

8 – Are you my Mother?

At the start of this post, I ask the question: Is there anything cuter than a baby Panda? Well, there is. The answer is LOTS of baby Pandas! But that doesn’t mean a but is any less lovable when covered in Plush Pandas.

Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs
Dog in a Panda Costume

7 – The Hate

This has to be the only dog I have come across that really doesn’t look like he is happy in a Panda costume. Maybe the truth is that he wanted an Iron-Man suit but that was all they had at the pet fancy dress store.

Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs
Puppies That Look Like Pandas

6 – The Panda Pups

They might look like real Panda dog pups, but there are just dark-skinned puppies. In fact, these pairs are already a few weeks old and if you look at their feet and noses you will start to see their born fur starting to come through. Having said that it is well worth clicking on the image and seeing the rest of the images of this cute pair.

Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs
Dog Shaming Panda Style

5 – Shame in Black and White

In an image worthy of making into my post “Top 10 Dog Shaming” comes this rather naughty dog who chewed the face off its owners beloved Panda toy, so in return they made the dog wear it. And dare I say the results and very funny indeed.

Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs
Dog in a Panda Hat

4 – Bamboo to you too.

I don’t know so much about the dog (who can clearly not see where it is going or indeed how daft it looks) but I think I need that Panda hat! And besides, with that over his eyes how is he going to see all the delicious Panda Party food I will be laying out!?

Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs
Puppy That Look Like a Panda

3 – Panda Pups Again

This time, this tiny French Bulldog pup has decided to eat some grass which it does get bonus points for given Pandas vegetarian lifestyles. But sadly you can also see by the brown on his legs that it will be long before he looks nothing like a Panda at all. But while you are young you should enjoy it so they say.

Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs
Dog That Looks Like a Panda

2 – The abandoned Panda

Why on earth someone would abandon this dog is beyond me, but the story goes that he was sadly left in the streets and had to have his eyes dyed to cover up the stains around them. The result is a real life Panda dog who is probably homed and indeed loved by now.

Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs
Chinese Panda Dog

1 – The Real Deal

We have had some silly images, amazing images and even some sad stories. But now it is time for the real deal. The strange thing is that it is not an accepted breed or the result of any special crossbreeding, it is just a chow dog that has undergone some sort of makeover. But before you start waving that cruelty flag I can tell you that the Panda effect is the result of targeted grooming of the dog’s natural fur, and I refuse to believe that there is a single dog out there that would hate affection and grooming.

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Weird and Amazing Panda Dogs”

  1. I have a 5 month old black lab (Olivia) she is the most friendly lovable dog. I must admit I was never a dog lover untill I got her. I don’t understand why people get tiny dogs I mean they’re the size of a trainer but they have fur.

  2. I love your pictures, but then I love all animals and have been involved in rescue programmes, and the like, over many years.

    With so many dogs in need of homes, I’m not in favour of filling the pockets of greedy ‘specialist’ breeders. I would endorse the idea of taking on a ‘mutt’ or one of the ‘Heinz’ variety, too often found abandoned, and make the neutering or spaying of all domestic pets mandatory.

    Puppy farms should be declared illegal; they are responsible for too many evils; their avaricious owners could be discouraged from re-offending by having enormous financial penalties slapped upon them. Too many people forget that fluffy puppies (and kittens) grow into adults that need responsible owners.

  3. I’m finitely a big dog person. We currently have a black lab, but have had a boxer in the past. The only small dogs I would consider are Jack Russell’s or Beagles. Friends of ours called small dogs ‘chew toys’ which I quite like.

  4. I am more of a Labrador person, I had a golden one for years, but sadly it pasted away due to health problems, but these days I stick with mutts. And I love the name mutton chop! Reminds me of a TV show.

  5. I would go for the Maltese with the short ‘do. They remind me of Bichon Friese – a dog that doesn’t shed and is a good companion. I had a bad experience with a dog when I was about 5 or 6, so I am leery of large or little happy dogs. When we were in Australia, the neighbor next door had a small happy dog – my husband called it a mutton chop.

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