Ten Tips To Get Those Big jackpots on online slot machines

Ten Tips To Get Those Big jackpots on online slot machines

Progressive slots are the most loved type of slot machines by casino players. Even if these games don’t offer the best returns on bets (about 89%), experienced players can’t resist the temptation to win a progressive jackpot. The pots on progressive slots are always higher than any other slot machines and the odds of winning big jackpots are far more lucrative than the lottery in terms of profitability. However, to win big, you’ll need luck on your side! Unlike games where methods and game strategies matter, luck is the only thing that can help you win the jackpot with progressive slots.


Playing at trusted online casinos

Aside from being lucky, you’ll also need to register at a reliable online casino like Yummyspins to guarantee a safe and proven gaming environment. The best way to achieve this is by checking out high-end casino guides. These guides strengths, like OCP, are that they direct you to legal and well-established online casinos. In other words, virtual casinos which are as reliable as land-based casinos.

Progressive slots – How do they work?

Compared to conventional slot machines, progressive slots have constantly changing jackpots. Mainly because the jackpots increase each time a player makes a bet. Typically, progressive slots are programmed to keep around 8% of the players bet to feed into the jackpot. The gambling house generally retains 3% of all stakes (gross profit). The rest, around 89%, is paid to the players. That’s why the mega jackpots in progressive slots are so popular – they can reach up to several million! One of the characteristics of progressive slots is that whenever a player has the chance to win the Mega Jackpot, it immediately restarts with a guaranteed minimum amount. But, the best thing is that they are connected to several casinos simultaneously! Secure gateways link thousands of players to online progressive slots – feeding mountains of money into them.

Mid-size wins from progressive slots

Just like with conventional slots, you can still lock-in wins on progressive slots without necessarily going for the mega jackpot. Many players often focus on medium-sized winnings instead of trying everything to win a big jackpot. This is a recommended approach for more level-headed players. Furthermore, being satisfied with reasonable earnings is often a more profitable way to gamble, while reducing playing time and avoiding a compulsive attitude.

The most popular progressive slots online

There aren’t as many progressive slots on the online market as there are classic versions. Progressive slots are much more complicated to set up than any other casino game. The technology used to make these games operational requires complex processes, both in terms of security and computer components. Overall, tests showed that there are only a few progressive slots that offer genuine chances to win big. Don’t let this deter you though! These games feature on the most popular online casinos in the world. In fact, they take pride of place on hundreds of online casinos in the UK, Canada, Europe and Asia. We researched progressive slots that pay the most and found four slots that stood out. These slots can win you anything from hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars to several million! The amount of the jackpot depends solely on the slot’s popularity and the minimum guaranteed base decided by the providers.

Know Your Own Limits

This is probably the most obvious one, but it is also the most important one. It doesn’t matter if you are going to be betting on the ponies or if you are going to be playing those classic table games if you are going to bet, you need to make sure that you know your limits. This does not only mean that you need to know how much money you can and can’t spend. It means that you need to know how long you can and can’t play as well. Time can easily get away with you when you are engulfed in your favourite online casinos. If you are losing track of time then you probably have already lost track of what you’ve lost thus far.

Understand The House Edge And Betting Odds

Gambling is thrilling. It doesn’t matter if it is the stock cars or the men’s basketball that is your crutch, betting on these games are going to be thrilling. However, what you really need to know is that the odds and edge for betting on these games are different. This is where most people get drawn in and end up losing their shirts. When most people visit an online casino, they’ll immediately hit up the slot sections because it is usually more attractive and eye-popping. Well, did you know that certain slots games might offer the house a better edge? You could be more profitable by sitting down at the poker tables.

Never, Ever Chase Wins

I’m sorry to tell you this, but you are never “due” a win. You will always be playing with the same odds in every single hand you play. This is especially true with most modern slot games as the chances of winning are reset with every single spin. This is not a matter of odds, its a matter of chance and knowing the difference between those two things is the key to really winning.

Make Sure It’s Not a Secret

One of the smartest things you can do as a gambler is to make gambling a social thing rather than a personal thing. Even if you just play online casino games you can still use the chat feature and get to know the other players. Talking about problems with gambling is one benefit from this and the other is learning great tips, coupon codes and another is getting titbits of information from the other players. Talking is not just about listening, its about learning from other players mistakes and tips.

Be Wise with Your Plays

The most important aspect of playing casino games is choosing when to make your bets. You must think of the long run, not just aiming straight away for the jackpot. It doesn’t always mean that the result will be positive, but even making small wins here, or there can add up quickly. Before you know it, you may have more than the jackpot altogether.

Trial Run

While you can’t play for free to get used to a machine in the casinos, you can bet small amounts on it until you know what the win lines are and what the features do. There is nothing worse than missing out on a big win because you didn’t know how to play it properly.

Below, we’ve listed the online progressive slots with the biggest jackpots.

The Mega Moolah
The Mega Moolah

The Mega Moolah
This progressive slot machine, produced by Microgaming, is by far the best known on the internet. With the jackpot already starting at a minimum of one million, you know that when you win, you win big! Testimonials from players found on the OCP guide, prove just how much players love this stand-out game.

The Mega Fortune
The Mega Fortune

The Mega Fortune
Almost as popular as the Mega Moolah, this slot machine consists of 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Created by the Swedish provider Net Entertainment, this game is a huge hit with an array of online casinos in Canada and Sweden. Mega Fortune’s theme is based on the luxury life of millionaires.

The Giant Jackpot
The Giant Jackpot

The Giant Jackpot
This game is the best-known online casino affiliated with the Playtech provider. Playtech is currently one of the most active casino game providers in the UK market and produces the most successful graphics. In addition, payment rates for Playtech progressive machines are profitable, averaging at 90%.

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