Top 10 Casino Wins of All Time

The thrill of gambling is just irresistible because you always stand a chance to win amazing prices. Everyone can attest to being heart-flattered by the thought of winning a multi-dollar million cash prize. Whether you’re a strategic gambler or a player who is testing out online sites, you never know when you could be the lucky winner.

Let’s look at the top ten casino wins you should be aware of and once you have finished here maybe check out this review for even more casino action.

Top 10 Casino Wins of All Time - winning meme

1 – €11.7 million – Norwegian Online Gambler

You heard that right! In 2011, Peter, a 20-year-old Norwegian, was lucky enough to win €11.7 million. He was playing a progressive jackpot online slot game called the Arabian Knights. This fruit slot machine was being operated by Betsson online casino at the time.

Top 10 Casino Wins of All Time - winning meme

2 – $15.1 million – Don Jonson (≈ €13.48 million*)

Don Jonson got an even bigger cash price as a master of blackjack. He used custom gambling techniques to make this possible. Instead of counting cards like any other gambler, Don negotiated special rules with the dealers in the casinos he played at.

Don Jonson was lucky because in many casinos he visited, he was offered 10% because he was a high-roller. As the strategic gambler he was, Don did himself one better by betting up to $25,00 and managing to get 20% paybacks. In six months, he had accumulated $15.1 million from three different casinos.

Top 10 Casino Wins of All Time - winning meme

3 – €17.8 million – John Heywood

In October 2015, a British soldier named John Heywood won € 17,879,645.12 in 25 minutes. This lucky guy from Cheshire was using a Betway account. At the time, this was the largest jackpot anyone had ever won. It was a Mega Moolah win from playing an online slot game.

John appeared in several interviews, where he shared his experience as a jackpot winner. This is no longer the norm because winners would rather stay anonymous. You can check out his story on the internet to find out more. 

Top 10 Casino Wins of All Time - winning meme

4 – €18.9 million – Anonymous

The iGaming trend came with anonymous winners. In 2018, one such unknown gambler pocketed a whooping €18.9 million. He broke the world record because until then, no one had ever won that much money in one go.

It was a Mega Moolah jackpot that would change anyone’s life. He was playing at the Grand Mondial online casino and had only staked 75 cents. This was the best luck anyone can ever get because the jackpot clocked in, in less than 50 spins.

Top 10 Casino Wins of All Time - winning meme

5 – $21.14 million – Elmer Sherwin (≈ €18.93 million*)

This list can never be complete without the mention of Elmer Sherwin. The WWII veteran was a double million-jackpot winner in the 1900s. The first jackpot he won was $4.6 million in 1989. He was playing at a new casino in La Vegas. Just 10 hours after the Mirage official opening, Elmer pocketed $4.6 million.

He used the money to travel around the world and play at different casinos. Elmer believed that his luck had not yet run out, and guess what? He was right!
Six years after his first jackpot win, he won $21.14 million!

At the time, he was 92 years old, which is proof that age doesn’t matter when it comes to winning jackpots. You yourself could be lucky enough to land a win like this with help from a casino bonus like these ones.

Top 10 Casino Wins of All Time - winning meme

6 – $21.3 million – Anonymous (≈ €19.02 million*)

In 1999, there was yet another anonymous player who won $21.3 million. It was a player for Illinois who was playing at Caesars Palace casino. He made it to the list of Megabucks Millionaires for betting with just $10.

Top 10 Casino Wins of All Time - winning meme

7 – $22.6 million – Johanna Heundl (≈ €20.18 million*)

We don’t hear a lot of female jackpot winners, so Heundi’s win made it to the news. That morning, when she took a breakfast trip to Bally’s, it never crossed her mind that the day would end with her as a millionaire.

It was her first time playing Megabucks, and she used $170. After just one spin, she won $22,618,156.67!

Top 10 Casino Wins of All Time - winning meme

8 – $27.6 million – A retired flight attendant (≈ €24.64 million*)

Another worthy mention is the $27.6 million winner who spent more than she had planned and won back ten folds. The retiree was playing at the Palace Station hotel, where she had planned to spend just $100 but ended up using $300. She was a 67-year-old gambler playing on the Megabucks slot machine.

Top 10 Casino Wins of All Time - winning meme

9 – $34.95 million – Cynthia Jay-Brennan (≈ €31.25 million*)

Cynthia Jay’s story is one that goes downhill really fast. In the beginning, it was the perfect fairy tale, but then it turned to misery just weeks after her win.
She won on her mother-in-law’s birthday, playing at the Megabucks slot machine. It only took nine tries for her to pocket $34.95 million.

Cynthia quit her job and tied the knot with the love of her life. The plan was to travel around the world with the money, but they had a brutal car accident weeks into their adventure. She lost her sister in the accident, and she got paralyzed from the best down.

Top 10 Casino Wins of All Time - winning meme

10 – $39.7 million – Anonymous (≈ €35.44 million*)

This is the story of an anonymous gambler who got easy money. A 25-year-old decided to pass time at a nearby casino as he waited for a basketball game to begin.
He used $100 he had on him to play the video slots at Excalibur casino. He won $40 million just like that


Even though many people play online slots for entertainment, each one stands a chance of winning big cash prizes. You might be the lucky winner just like these ten gamblers on our list.

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