Top 10 Careers in Engineering

Top 10 Careers in Engineering

If you’re currently studying engineering and considering your future career options, or even looking to retrain so that you can follow your dreams, you might be wondering what jobs are available to you.

Engineering is one of the most important career paths out there, without engineers, many of the systems and products that we take for granted not only wouldn’t be maintained but wouldn’t exist at all.

The career paths available to you will depend on the area of engineering that you’ve chosen to specialise in, but here are just ten of our top ten engineering careers that you could consider.

1) Marine Engineer

A Marine engineer is responsible for the construction and maintenance of water vessels, including submarines, aircraft carriers, and offshore drilling equipment.

Their responsibilities also include ensuring the continued operation of the electrical and refrigeration systems, and of course, the steering.

2) Chemical Engineer

Typically working in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical engineers research and develop new manufacturing systems for chemical production. They design the processes that allow technicians, researchers, and scientists to turn raw materials into products we need.

Other industry areas open to chemical engineers include industrial chemical manufacture and food processing and safety.

3) Computer Engineer

A computer engineer works in the design, construction, and maintenance of computer hardware.

It is a branch of electrical engineering that has in recent years developed into its own specialism. Computer engineers play an important role at some big-name companies. What device are you reading this article on? An Apple product? Computer engineers were needed for its development!

4) Civil Engineer

Civil engineers work on a large scale, collaborating with governments to design and construct cities and towns, as well as the vital infrastructures that we need to go about our daily lives.

From roads to airports, bridges to tunnels, a civil engineer is responsible for assessing the needs of an area and designing the systems to make our lives easier.

5) Environmental Engineer

With rising concerns over climate change, the role of the environmental engineer is more important than ever before. Environmental engineers are responsible for finding and developing new ways for individuals and governments to better protect the planet.

With the government holding its first Net Zero Council in May, the world is on track to breach critical warming levels, the role of the environmental engineer has become vital for our longevity.

Top 10 Careers in Engineering

6) Software Engineer

A branch of the computer engineer, the software engineer is responsible for the design and maintenance of the software that is installed on a computer’s hardware.

The career requires the utilisation of mathematical and scientific knowledge to create the systems that we use every day.

7) Biomedical Engineer

Working in the medical sciences, biomedical engineers design and develop equipment and systems.

One of the rising areas of interest for biomedical engineering is the development of robotic prosthetics. With components from suppliers such as Accu, biomedical engineers who specialise in prosthetic engineering will develop essential prosthesis to improve the quality of life for amputees.

8) Design Engineer

A design engineer is a more general pathway for those seeking a career in engineering, they work across a variety of industries, rather than necessarily specialising in one specific area.

Typically working as part of a team, design engineers work to apply mathematical and scientific theories to create systems that improve the world around us.

9) Architectural Engineer

An architectural engineer works closely with architects to design the various systems in place in a building, including fire prevention and alarms, electrical, and plumbing.

The architectural engineer typically also works on a project’s structural engineering, to ensure that a building is constructed from reliable materials and in a way that limits the damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes.

10) Race Engineer

If you’ve ever watched Formula 1, then you’ve probably seen a race engineer in action.

A vital part of any motorsport team, the race engineer is responsible for analysing data and mechanics to ensure that a driver gets the best performance from a car.

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