Ten Simple Tips To Train Your Dog And Teach Them Commands

Ten Simple Tips To Train Your Dog And Teach Them Commands

Dogs have been our loyal companions for centuries, standing beside us as trusted friends and family members. As we navigate life with these four-legged companions, the question often arises: “Can we truly train our dogs?” Training a dog goes far beyond basic obedience; it is an opportunity to enhance their behaviour, stimulate their minds, and establish a strong bond with them.

In this article, we delve into the captivating world of canine training, exploring the possibilities and uncovering the potential that lies within our beloved pets with the help of online canine behaviour classes and training courses. From basic commands to complex tricks, behaviour modification to specialized tasks, we embark on a journey to understand the training process and the remarkable capabilities of our canine companions…

1. Bonding

Bonding is important when training any animal, especially your dog. They love their master, now all they need is to obey them. The entire family member must participate in the dog training exercises and must respect the rules so the dog can learn that these rules are general.

2. In or Out?

Teach your dog the difference between outside and inside when it comes to him doing his needs. Pay attention to your dog’s behaviour and learn when he actually needs to go outside to do his dirty work. This way the dog will know also when to start giving signs that he needs to go outside. But be careful as he may start learning how to trick you in just taking him outside even when he doesn’t need to. To avoid this make sure you spend enough time with him playing outdoors. Take him with you if you can offer a change of scenery and spend quality time together.

3. Keep it clean

Dogs have a natural instinct that maintains them to keep the area in where they sleep and play clean. Consider this and try to provide a clean environment to your dog. Vacuum and keep the room tidy and clean so he will feel confortable and safe near you. Give him a pillow to sleep on and a few toys which need to be cleaned as well every couple of weeks.

Ten Simple Tips To Train Your Dog And Teach Them Commands

4. Mistakes

No matter how vigilant you are the dog will still slip here and there. Clean up after him and use products that freshen up the air in the room so you can eliminate the smell. Talk to him, and make sure he understands that what he did was wrong.

5. Patience

Understanding behaviour will come in handy when trying to train your dog. Don’t forget you are dealing with a young uneducated animal and remember puppies cannot hold in too much as they still yet don’t possess total control over themselves.

6. Planning

Get him used to a schedule when it comes to water and feeding. Feed him high quality dog food at the same hour every day but never before bedtime and hide his food bowl before sleeping. Place the bowl back in the morning. This way, you will turn eating into a routine that he will have to agree with in the end.

7. Patience and treats

Before everything thinks that training a dog takes patience and a lot of encouragement and treats or the dog. Try teaching him simple stuff like to sit, come when you call for him and not to jump all over you when you come home from work. When he does a good deed, reward him verbally and with a little treat. Communication is very important. He will most likely consider you his master if you talk to him and pay attention to what he is trying to say.

Ten Simple Tips To Train Your Dog And Teach Them Commands

8. Sessions

The beginning of the training period must not have too long sessions as the dog might get bored and lose focus. Try making the training session fun for your dog and using simple word orders until your dog learns them. It is important that the animal trusts you, but you must also trust him.

9. Practice makes perfect

Don’t expect him to know everything from just a few sessions, start with one trick at a time and be patient and flexible. All the commands you are trying to teach him seem new and strange for him so it make take a while until he gets the hang off it. It’s normal for him to make some mistakes at the beginning; it’s your job to correct them with time and patience.

10. Show affection

While the training session goes try and show him affection but also be objective. For example if he does what you tell him to do pet him a little on the head and give him a treat but don’t let the petting turn into playing as you might lose his attention and he will no longer want to obey you but to steal one of your shoes and run away. He needs to respect you but not to fear you in any way.

While dogs possess their own unique personalities, temperaments, and learning styles, they are innately receptive to guidance, positive reinforcement, and structured training techniques. We explore the various training methods, debunk myths, and provide practical tips and insights to help you navigate the training journey with your dog.

By nurturing a positive and respectful relationship, setting clear expectations, and incorporating consistency and patience into the training process, you can unlock your dog’s potential for learning and create a harmonious coexistence. So, join us as we uncover the possibilities that await you in the world of training your beloved dog and witness the transformative power of training on both canine behaviour and the human-canine bond. If your dog can do tricks, or you have used any of these training tips do let us know in the comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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