Ten Incredible Tips to Spice up the Bedroom

Ten Incredible Tips to Spice up the Bedroom

What happens in the bedroom tends to be a significant aspect of the relationship of a couple. If all is well under the sheets, then it usually radiates positively in a couple’s relationship. This is often not a problem for new couples who are just beginning their journey together, but for long-term couples, a little spice in the bedroom can help in bringing back the spark that they once enjoyed. This article tackles some tips on how you can make the things under the sheets exciting once more.


Sex Toys

One of the primary ways to bring some spice into your sex life is by experimenting with various types of sex toys to enhance your and your partner’s orgasm. In this case, you can research the best sex machine or even state-of-the-art dildos and vibrators that can even be controlled by an app on your phone. Since these are usually hands-free, you get the opportunity to use your hands elsewhere to provide more pleasure to your partner.


Apart from experimenting with sex toys, you can also try role-playing in bed. In this case, you have to talk with your partner to get some ideas about what he or she wants to try and how you will be able to do it. Make sure that you have the complete props to simulate your roles perfectly and mimic the persona you intend to play.

The Power of Foreplay

Some couples take foreplay for granted. It is sometimes even skipped, particularly if both of you are in a hurry, or you just like to get on with sex and have it over with. However, foreplay has an important role in sex, which is why you should not take it for granted. It sets the mood for the both of you and it is a great avenue to discover each other’s bodies, figuring out what you and your partner love the most, and what you don’t want to be done.

The Art of a Quickie

In contrast to taking the time to engage in foreplay, you should also master the art of a quickie from time to time. If your partner won’t know what to expect, then a quickie will prove to be a pleasant surprise. For instance, if you and your partner are set on a certain routine of having sex after your Friday night dinner, then break your monotonous routine by surprising your partner with a shower quickie on a manic Monday morning. This will surely set the week’s positive mood for both of you.

Keep Clothes on

These days we are all too quick to want to unwrap the gifts our bodies present and not concentrating on the mystery that clothes hold. Both men and women could try not wearing underwear or even something with holes on the right places (if you get my meaning)

Ten Incredible Tips to Spice up the Bedroom

Lubricant Can be Lush

You might think couples who use lube are having problems, but that is no the case at all. Lube can be stimulating, enhancing and sometimes even tasty as you can get flavoured lube to really spice your oral sex life up.

The Bedroom is Not The Only Room

Sur,e the bedroom is the right place for most sexual encounters, but what about the sofa wit an adult movie on, or maybe in the bathroom for something a little kinkier, you have a whole house to choose from so try a change of location once in a while.

Try Touch Yourself

You don’t have to jump straight onto each other, you could try touching yourself first. Maybe whip yourself up to the point that sex is more an explosion than something long and intimate. Just remember not to take things too far and to save that last burst for your partner.

Have a Laugh

Far too many couples have poor sex-life because they take things too seriously in the bedroom. Try tickling, try messing about and having a laugh. You will be surprised at how stimulating a few giggles can make a person, especially if that person is naked!

Phone Flirt

When was the last time you sent your partner a dirty text? Maybe a flirty phonecall or something a little more erotic. Some people say technology pulls us apart, but those people are not using it the right way. *wink

The tips listed above on how you will be able to spice up the bedroom are only some of the things that you can try to bring back the fire in your relationship with your partner, or keep it burning. You can consider various other ways such as sexting in the middle of a workday or having a faux affair, still with your partner of course. The key is in being open and communicating with your partner for you to be able to decide together on what exciting things to try first, and just enjoy being together in bed.

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