Ten Tips For Graduating Without Debt You Can’t Afford

Ten Tips For Graduating Without Debt You Can't Afford

There’s no doubt that the cost of attending college has increased significantly over the years. It’s become expensive to get a degree without taking out any loans. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place before you start your education. There are many different ways to graduate without debt, so it’s up to you to find what works best for your lifestyle. If you are looking for essay writers who are writing essays for money online just use this urgent essay writing service.

What is Graduating Without Debt And Why It is Important For You?

Graduating without debt is an accomplishment for both the student and the parents who helped them get there. This generation has been raised with the idea that success means taking on student loans and this idea has been reinforced by the general society. In a study of more than 1,000 college seniors, more than three-quarters of respondents said they had taken on some form of debt to cover their cost of attendance. But, if you are one of those people who has graduated without debt, you are better equipped to take on the world. Here are ten tips that will save you some money and a whole lot of stress…

Savings Not Loans

OK, it has to be said that this is not going to be an option for everyone, especially those looking to get into more prestigious places. But if you can save at least a portion of your total college fees you will be taking on way less dept. Saving just 10% of the average student loan could mean as many as 10 fewer years of paying it back!


While you might not think you are eligible for a student grant you might be surprised at how many different ways there are to get one! Do you have any form of disability? Do you come from a minority group? Do you come from a deprived area of your city? All these sorts of things could mean you are eligible and it could even mean you attend the college of your dreams…for free!



If you start off with the mindset of “I’m never going to get any sort of scholarship” you might be missing out because a 2018 study shows 31% of all university scholarships go unfilled! If you don’t apply for them you don’t know if you are eligible or not. The worse they can ever say is no and the least they will all give you is advice on what to do instead.

Join The Forces

While not all countries offer this sort of educational path some do and it could well make the difference between debt and a career path. This is especially true if you plan a medical education because every army and military force will have its own doctors and nurses. Things like ROTC programs are a great way to get out of student loan debt by enlisting in the military and signing up to do something potentially heroic.

Keep Your Life Simple

While many people will say part of college and uni life is to party and make new friends, you could always try and reduce the amount of money you spend on these sorts of entertainment. Drink less, party at home and make your own food, or make sure the party has food and drink before you go!

Work While You Study

Even a small part-time job can make a massive difference to your money situation. Many students will tell you that a few hours of work can mean the difference between living to study and living your life.

Don't Buy it...Rent it!

Don’t Buy it…Rent it!

From furniture to study books, there is no point buying many things when you can simply rent or borrow them from someone else. Why buy a new bed for your student dorm when you have one in the spare bedroom at home! Why buy chairs for the dinner table when you could use that patio furniture in the shed!

Get Your Employer To Pay

You will be surprised at the number of big-name employees who will pay for your education, just as long as you work for them while you study. Starbucks, Costa, Chegg, Google and Hulu all provide tuition reimbursement schemes for as long as you are still working for them.

Make Money Online

There are plenty of little ways you can make a few pennies online without it interfering with your study time. Blogging, YouTube, Surveys and affiliate marketing are all things you can do with just a smartphone and a small amount of know-how.

Help The School

Even if it means you have to work a few hours for free working for the school, college or uni can mean you are then eligible for reduced tuition fees! In fact, many schools and colleges have schemes in which you work part-time for the school, but your student fees are all paid for you! And yes, that often includes general living costs and a small universal living amount.

Stop Living in Debt and Start Living the Dream of Financial Freedom

Debt can be a big burden on people and their families. It might feel like you’ll never get out of debt. But there are ways to stop living in debt and start living the dream of financial freedom. I hope these tips will give you ideas on how to stop spending more than you make, how to take control of your finances and how to prepare for emergencies that might happen. It will also provide you with resources that will help you with your journey to become debt-free.

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