Ten Amazing Things You Can Make With Casino Chips

Ten Amazing Things You Can Make With Casino Chips

Have you got some old plastic casino chips lying around? Maybe they are from a poker set you used to play with or maybe they are from a real casino like https://utansvensklicens.casino/en/independent-casino/, Wherever they are from, check out these ten great ideas for things to do with them or turn them into…

Casino Chips Used to Make an Art Installation

1. Art

Made by the talented artist Lii Jianhua is this impressive city made with poker chips. I’m not sure how many chips are used here, but let’s just say you would need to win very big in order to make one, very big indeed.

Casino Chips Used to Make Christmas Tree Ornaments

2. Christmas Tree Ornaments

While Christmas is long gone, why not use some poker chips to make a casino themed Christmas tree! With different coloured chips they to make any festive tree a wonderful sight.

Casino Chips Used to Make Bracelets

3. Bracelets

Using different colours to make different bracelets you could make enough of these to wear one each day of the week! Or just whenever there is a local poker night.

Casino Chips Used to Make a Necklace and Earrings Set

4. Necklace and Earrings

While it isn’t the shiniest piece of jewellery you will have in your jewellery box it is at least handmade and great for a night out on the Las Vegas Strip.

Casino Chips Used to Make a Wind Chime

5. Wind Chime

While it might not have a ‘chime’ so to speak it might have a dull twang that will make you think of all those great poker nights with friends whenever there is the slightest wave of wind.

Casino Chips Used to Make a Stationery Holder

6. Stationery Holder

You can use it to hold your pens and pencils or maybe use it to hold your playing cards ready for the nest poker night you have with friends. Whatever you use it for it can be quite a handy little holder.

Casino Chips Used to Make Keychains

7. Keychains

If you have a lucky chip or just want something to remind you of that magical time in Vegas, why not turn those casino chips into keychains and take them with you everywhere.

Casino Chips Used to Make Fridge Magnets

8. Fridge Magnets

Just buy some sheet magnets, cut a circle out the size of the chip and stick the two together and you have yourself a nice refrigerator magnet.

Casino Chips Used to Make a Skateboard

9. Skateboard

While poker chips don’t have the best grip they do look great when used to cover this skateboard. Its just a shame most of them fall off when its used (see video).

Casino Chips Used to Make a Table

10. Table

If you like to have regular poker nights why not make one of these amazing tables with poker chips going around the outside. You could even make the whole top part with chips if you have enough of them.

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