Top 10 Tricks Casinos Use To Keep You Playing

Top 10 Tricks Casinos Use To Keep You Playing
Top 10 Tricks Casinos Use To Keep You Playing

While this used to be as simple as keeping your drink topped up, these days with so many online casinos they need to employ other tactics that will help keep you playing and the cash flowing in. While some of their tactics are good for you as a player, some of them you really need to avoid…



10 – Lighting

Have you ever noticed the lights in a casino are always nice and bright? That’s because they also have no windows! By keeping you in the dark about what time it is outside you will play for a lot longer as your body won’t know what time it is outside.

9 – The Top Up

Topping up your drink when you are not looking is a great way for casinos to keep you at the table and also to inebriate you so you don’t know what you are doing.

8 – Facilities

By locating the toilets and exits as far away from the playing area as they can you are more likely to not want to goto the bathroom or take that long walk back to the hotel.

7 – Free Things

From drinks to food and even some free chips now and again. These will often take play as mini games like bingo or pick a winner. More than often these are rigged so you do indeed win a little bit.

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6 – Full Screen

Over 90% of all online casino apps go full screen even while using a computer or tablet, thus hiding the notifications bar and preventing you from looking at the time.

5 – Jackpot Spurts

Whenever you are playing an online game that has a progressive jackpot, be that a card game or slots, keep an eye on it and once you have been playing for a while it will jump up! While not every online casino does this some do and while it sure does encourage you to keep playing it also means a bigger jackpot if you do win which is nice.

4 – Hospitality

Be it online, or in a real casino, you will find dealers and staff over friendly, because they all want to be your best friend in the world…who will then grass on you if you do something wrong or run out of money.

3 – Mild Hypnosis

OK, this might be taking things a little far, but hear me out. With crazy patterns in the carpet, flashing lights and on top of all that looped music playing in the background? All these things are not some weird designers dream, they are all things designed to keep you playing and not really noticing where you are.

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2 – The Near Miss

While some people think this is nothing more than a statistical thing, in some scrupulous casinos both online and offline they will do that deliberately to keep you playing. So make sure that casino is registered and everything seems legit.

1 – Add Credits…Everywhere!

From taking just about every payment under the sun (Yes, even Bitcoins) to making sure you never have to leave the slot or table to get more chips of credit. There is a reason that ‘add cash’ button is always somewhere on the screen…oh! And how handy that it opens up in a new window so you can carry on playing.

Author: Gus Barge

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