Top 10 Ways to Recycle and Upcycle This Halloween

Getting sweets, decorations and of course, that all-important Halloween pumpkin is all cost and spending. This year why not uses some of these amazing recycling ideas to not only save a few quid but also show off your crafty side…



Spirit Jugs
Spirit Jugs

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They look like spooky ghosts and can be used year after year. Oh, and they make great use of old milk and juice cartons.

Egg Carton Spiders

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There creepy, but they’re useful. Enough about the kids, why not get them to make these cool spiders!

Bat Treat Boxes

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Good recycling from empty toilet roll tubes and a handy thing to just give each trick-or-treat visitor.

Mummy Cans

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I’m not sure you could hand them out to your visitors, but they would look nice as a party bag display.

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Egg Carton Bats

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Much the same is the spiders, only this time it uses all three egg cartons in a row.

Milk Jug Skeleton

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If you have the skills to have a whole skeleton out of milk jugs, I am in total respect for your crafting skills.

Jack-o’-lantern Cans

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Paint them orange, drill a few holes and bingo, you have a candlelight Jack-o’-lantern that you can reuse year after year.

Book Page Pumpkin

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There is always one or two books that you don’t mind repurposing into a pumpkin. Just make sure they have lots of pages to make it look good.

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Parcel Box Headstones

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Remember those boxes you got all that Halloween craft stuff in? Well, you can use them as well to make something cool.

Old Rope Turned into a Spiders Web

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You might not get much money for your old rope, but you might get some respect from the neighbour’s kids.

Author: Gus Barge

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