Ten of the Worlds Most Unusual Toilets You Will Ever See

Sometimes I worry, sometimes I don’t. I don’t care if this blog ever makes me any money, but I do worry that people will get board of the ideas I am coming up with! I don’t care what people think of my bad grammar and spelling, but I do care what they think of the content as a whole, I just don’t want people thinking this blog is going down the pan…



Tankless Toilet
Tankless Toilet

10 – The Egg Bog!

Embarking on the new era of toilet design, designer Sung Hoon Mun brings us a unique toilet design that doesn’t require a high back, holding the tank! This incredible Cell Tankless Toilet comes with the back to wall style and a very modern spin on something that is otherwise very plain and boring.

Solid Gold Toilet

9 – The Golden Throne

Created by Lam Sai-wing, who lead the Hang Fung Gold Technology Group made this precious 24-carat toilet was calculated to be worth about £2.5 million! This is one pricey bog indeed.

Designer Toilet

8 – The Pusher

This is called the pusher, as it is designed to place the user in the easiest position when they are doing their “business” I have to admit I kind of like it!

Automated Lid Toilet

7 – The Toiletator

It is commonly thought an issue that we men are incapable of closing the toilet lid when we are finished. Let me tell you this is just not true! I always make sure I do and I am also sure I am not alone. But if you suffer from this problem why not get this self-closing toilet!

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Hand Painted Talavera Toilet

6 – The Talavera Effect

These wonderful hand painted toilets are called “Talavera Sets” and each one is truly a masterpiece, with long, patient hours of detailed painting, inspiration and passion the end result will surely amaze you and beautify your bathroom in a unique way.

Pipe Inspired toilet

5 – Mrs Hudson.

This toilet is modern, fresh and features a vastly modified water drop system. But you might ask why it is called “Mrs Hudson” Well it was named after the landlady of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes! Now the pipe shape suddenly makes sense.

Designer Inspired toilet

4 – The Space saver

Short on bathroom space? Then why not get one of these rather modern and stylish looking loos that not only saves space but also saves water by reusing the hand basin!

Apple Shaped Toilet

3 – I Pad + I peed = Designer toilet!

I love my brand named gadgets just as much as the next nerd, buy this apple inspired toilet is just going too far! While it is amazing, it also looks rather uncomfortable to sit on.

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Aquarium Inspired toilet

2 – The Fish Flusher!

Most people will remember the raging debate this caused when it was in my post “Top 10 Aquariums Inside furniture” some people really liked it, and others were horrified at the thought of fish watch and indeed judging them when they do their toilet business.

Swarovski Inspired toilet

1 –  The Big Money flusher

Ever heard someone saying “You’re throwing money down the pan buying that!” Well, in this case, it would be literally true! At a little over £80,000, it is beyond my budget (for the next 50 years) but it is also ridiculously cool. Would I get one if I had the money? …Probably!

Author: Gus Barge

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