Ten Great Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan

Japan is one of the most spectacular countries in the world. All we can say is yes, you should visit it at least once. You can watch online a few locations in the country, a few traditional casinos, establishments, and get a better idea of why visiting the country is a must. Below, we will list and explain the top 10 reasons why visiting Japan should be on the list.


Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan - It is very safe

It is very safe

Japan is one of the safest countries to live in and visit. They have been in the top 5 safest countries for many years, and they will remain here. The police are investing a lot of time and effort into making sure the crime rate is as low as possible. Weapons are not available for the general public. Residents believe that crime is a shame, so it is against their culture to break the law. These are just a few examples. In reality, there are a lot of methods the authorities have been using to decrease the crime rate. All we can say is that they work.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan - pachinko casino

Visit a pachinko casino

Pachinko is a traditional Japanese mechanical game we can see all over the country. In its type, this is similar to a mixture of arcade games and slot machines. It is commonly played for fun, but it is possible to play it for money as well. Casinos in Japan are mostly focused on his game, and they are developed in traditional style, definitely something you cannot see anywhere else.

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Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan - People are extremely friendly

People are extremely friendly

You may have heard that Japanese people are ‘’cold’’ or that they are not very friendly. This is a myth and nothing more. In reality, they are some of the friendliest people in the whole world. They are helpful, and they will try to help you as much as possible, regardless of where you are. This especially applies to Tokyo, but other cities are almost identical. Keep in mind that the language barrier does exist, and it is big. However, with a bit of luck, you will get the help needed. You may want to teach a few customs before you go to japan.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan - 21 UNESCO sites

21 UNESCO sites

Japan is exceptionally rich when it comes to history. At the moment, they have 21 sites that are protected by UNESCO. Seventeen of them are cultural locations, while four are created by nature. In addition, Japan will soon get eight more sites covered by UNESCO. At the moment, they are still being processed. Add the fact there are many temples, ancient buildings, and you may have the main reason if you are into these things.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan - Amazing food

Amazing food

If you travel to Japan, make sure to try their local foods there. We all know about sushi and it is probably the main food alternative here. But, there are other options as well. For example, tourists love Sukiyaki which is basically beef hot pot and Japanese barbeque known as Yakiniku. Those of you who are into food will love to know that there are special Matsuri festivals, basically food festivals across the country. Some of the best food can be found at Kyoto, a beautiful Japanese city.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan - Great for anime and manga fans

Great for anime and manga fans

This country is amazing when it comes to anime and manga. There are countless attractions, locations across the country and so much more. Tourist can also enjoy a special amusement park in Tokyo that is based on this theme completely. It is known as J World Tokyo and it is one of a kind. It has thousands of fans coming here and visiting the place every year. Even if you are not into anime and manga you should visit this place.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan - Sleep in a pod hotel

Sleep in a pod hotel

You get a room which is basically a capsule. It may be small, but it comes with all amenities you may need. We are referring to new hotels of this kind that even have spa services, special foods and so much more. They are still considered as first-class, despite a bit unusual accommodation. These hotels are available only at this place and nowhere else, so they are something you should check out.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan - hot bath

Take a hot bath

We are trying to say that in Japan there are natural spas where you can take a long bath with other people. You will be surrounded by nature and you will enjoy hot water. Yes, a trip to this site may be required but it is definitely worth it.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan - Enjoy karaoke culture

Enjoy karaoke culture

Did you know that karaoke comes from Japan? It is still extremely popular there at the moment that you can find over 100.000 bars or locations across the country that will let you have fun with karaoke. Yes, you can sing songs from your country and yes you can have fun there but the overall experience is completely different than the one you can have in your home country.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan - Shopping joy

Shopping joy

If you are into shopping, Japan is once again the main country to visit. They do have massive shopping centres all over the country. Some of the best examples are in Tokyo where you can buy almost anything are Venus Fort and Harajuku. Luckily there are similar locations all over Japan, so you can find one easily or ask your tour guide. These places also may offer some betting options. They are not the same as others you have enjoyed already, but they are something special.

The final word

Japan is like no other country, so yes, you should visit it as soon as possible. There are countless other things you can see, do, and feel in this country that are not available anywhere else. On the other side, there are no complex requirements, issues or anything similar that will suggest Japan is off-limit country.

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