Top 10 Bizarre Things Fallen from the Sky

Have you ever heard of anything except water falling from the sky as rain? It will sound very weird, but this is true, that in many regions of the Earth; some weird things falling from the sky have been witnessed. Some saw spiders, while some saw worms. I don’t think this is easy for you to believe. So, just go through these top 10 bizarre things fallen from the sky and you will have to accept!

A Rain of Spiders – Argentina

A Rain of Spiders – Argentina

In April, 2007; a rain of spiders from the sky was witnessed in the Salta Province. When Christian Oneto Gaona and his friends came here to enjoy Easter vacation, they became the first humans to capture such kind of rain. As they ascended the San Bernardo Mountain, some two hours later, they found the land full of spiders of different colors each about four inches. After every few steps, the number of spiders increased like anything and when they looked up, they saw numerous spiders descending from the sky.

A Cow from the Sky – Japan

This is very weird, even weirder than the above one. In 1997, a Japanese fishing trawler was saved in the Sea of Japan. They said that a cow fell from the sky to directly hit the boat making it to sink. On this, the crew members were captured in a prison. After 15 days, the Russian Air Force told the Japanese authorities that one of the cargo planes had taken away a cow. As the cow was not familiar with the surroundings, it started to thrash and so to protect the aircraft and the crew, the cow was pushed out at 30,000 feet.

A Rain of Blood – Colombia

This was the event witnessed in 2008 when a local bacteriologist confirmed the red-coloured rain as the blood from the sky falling in a small community of La Sierra, Choco. A small sample was brought to the nearby town of Bagado so that it could be analyzed. The community priest is of the opinion that is the God’s way to alert man to come out of all sinful acts.

A Star Jelly Rain – Scotland

When the jelly rain fell in 2009, scientists chosen by the National Geographic conducted several analyses on the fallen jellies, but could not find any DNA. There are many assumptions related to the origins of star jelly, out of which the most reasonable one is that the star jelly is repeated frog or toad ovaries emitted by buzzards or herons because it not digestible. Many people are also of the opinion that the jelly is the leftover of a meteor shower or of a fungus.

A Rain of Worms Falls – USA

A Rain of Worms Falls – USA

How weird a rain can be? When an employee of the Jennings Police Department named Eleanor Beal was just walking the street to reach the work site, she saw something falling from the sky. According to her, it was worms which were big and entangled. No one knows from where these worms come, but a water spout within five miles near Lacassine Bayou might had a role to play in this type of unusual rain.

A Multi-Coloured Snow – Siberia

In 2007, stinking orange, yellow, and green snow was seen over the Omsk region situated at 1,400 miles east of Moscow. Till today, nobody knows the reason behind this.

A Rain of Fish – Australia

A Rain of Fish – Australia

This was seen in Lajamanu on the edge of the Tanami Desert located hundreds of miles away from Lake Argyle and Lake Elliott and also far from the shore. Before this, this phenomenon took place in 2004 when the locals saw live fish falling from the sky. But this time, this freak natural activity took place twice in February 2010. The entire are was packed with hundreds of small white fish fallen alive from the sky.

A Rain of Money – Germany

This was seen by a German motorist in her back view mirror in 2007. On seeing this, she actually attempted to collect the notes, but was not successful in doing so. She took police with her to the spot, but no more cash was seen.

A Starlings’ Rain – England

A Starlings’ Rain – England

In March this year, hundreds of dead starlings fell from the sky in the Somerset village of Coxley besides Wells. The area over which these starlings fell was the Julie Knight’s garden.

Red Rain – India

This was seen from 25 July to 23 September in 2001 in Kerala of South India. Heavy showers of red, yellow, green, and black rains were recorded, which were dirty enough to stain the clothes. Some believed it to be due to the meteor burst, but a later study revealed that the airborne spores from a local copious terrestrial alga were responsible.

What do you feel of these top 10 bizarre things fallen from the sky? Have you ever seen anything else fall from the sky? Do let us know in the comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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