10 Things to Do when Visiting Las Vegas

10 Things to Do when Visiting Las Vegas
10 Things to Do when Visiting Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is casinos, partying, partying, neon lights and a city in the middle of the Nevada desert. Well, that’s all true, but Vegas is so much more. It’s an adult theme park.

Let’s go with our 10 things to do when visiting Las Vegas m


Stay in a hotel on the Strip as central as possible

This may not seem important at first, but the distances are enormous and the heat unbearable, so it is best to stay in the area from the Aria (more or less) to the Venetian. One trick is that if you make your stay coincide with weekdays the price is reduced considerably.

Visiting the hotels

This is already a show in itself. From the elegance of the Bellagio to the imperial rooms of Caesars Palace. From beautiful Venice to the streets of New York. Entering the hotel you enter will be like moving from one part of the world to another.

Release adrenaline at the Stratosphere Las Vegas and Adventuredome

Spending money on Las Vegas casino roulette is a risky sport in itself, but you can go further and ride one of its most popular attractions. For example, Big Shot is the highest attraction in the world. Located at 281 metres above sea level, at the Stratosphere hotel, you can experience a free fall from 49 metres at 72 kilometres per hour. In the same casino is X-Scream, which holds the title of the 3rd highest attraction in the world and makes you feel as if you are falling into the void. If you’re a roller coaster lover, include a visit to Adventuredome, the Circus Circus hotel’s amusement park, in your trip to Las Vegas. There are 25 attractions waiting for you, including Canyon Blaster, one of the largest indoor roller coasters on the planet. On the other hand, if you don’t know what to do in Las Vegas with kids, at Adventuredome you’ll find kid-friendly attractions like Frog Hopper or Mike Miner.

Enjoy the atmosphere in the casinos

There is no doubt that Las Vegas is the city of gambling, even for players who like the minimum deposit casinos at online level. You will see all kinds of people, from tourists having a good time, to weddings, bachelor parties and people who are totally hooked on the game. We’re amazed at the amount of money that moves.

Enjoy the free shows

You don’t have to spend a lot of dollars to have a good time. Many hotels offer enjoyment options such as the eruption of the Mirage volcano (better to see it when it’s completely dark) or one of the free shows (between 4 and 6 every afternoon) of the Treasure Island pirates.

See one of the shows at the theatres

Either the Cirque du Soleil, a concert or the impressive Le Reve at the Wynn Hotel. They are unique shows that you can only see there, and although they are usually somewhat expensive, you can find offers online.

The Las Vegas Ferris wheel

It’s in the style of the London Eye but much bigger, so the views of the Strip are great.

Freemont Street

No doubt a must on your visit. The “old” area of Las Vegas, renovated with a sound and light show (every hour from 6pm). It’s a great experience and you’ll have the chance to get into old casinos.

Eat as much as you can

Without a doubt, another attraction Las Vegas has to offer is its great cuisine, which also adapts to all kinds of needs and pockets. From the most expensive and exquisite restaurants to the typical takeaway food.

Go to the Bellagio fountains

A trip to Las Vegas would not be complete without seeing the famous Bellagio fountain show. It may sound a little strange that we put so much emphasis on this event, but we promise you will be surprised. It is a huge choreography represented by more than 1,200 sources that move to the rhythm of melodies of all kinds. They say there are more than 30 variants! This show in Las Vegas takes place from Monday to Friday, from 15:00 to 19:00, every half hour, and from 19:00 to 00:00, every 15 minutes. Weekends and holidays start at 12:00.

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