Top 10 Surprisingly Tasty Ways to Enjoy Meatloaf

I have always made my meatloaf in the same way since my own mum taught me how to make it. But I saw a recipe online that caught my eye and since then it has opened my eyes to the thousands of meatloaf possibilities…



Bacon Mini Meatloaves
Bacon Mini Meatloaves

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When it comes to meatloaves, some are big and some are small…and some are covered in bacon!

American Meatloaf

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This is a good and almost classic recipe for meatloaf that is served hot or cold, summer or winter.

Truffled Meatloaf

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I’m not really sure how to truffle anything let alone a meatloaf. So I hope this recipe has good making guide.

Moroccan Meatloaf With Pistachios and Peppers

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No matter where you go in this world everywhere seems to have its own spin on the classic meatloaf recipe.

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Turkey Meatloaf

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Using turkey is a good way to make a healthy meatloaf. Just remember to put plenty of additional juices in as turkey can be quite dry.

Coca-Cola Meatloaf

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I’m always surprised at just how good coke-cola tastes when added to food.

Beef-and-Bacon Meatloaf

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Well worth the extra effort of making this one just to taste that extra juicy crust.

Bourbon Glazed Meatloaf

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Sometimes you just have to get a little boozy when it comes to mealtimes. After all, TGI’s have been doing it for years!

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Italian Meatloaf

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Best served with pasta, this classic Italian recipe is one that you might not expect to taste so good.

Cheeseburger Meatloaf

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Now we are talking. Given a cheesy layer spin, this is a family-friendly meal that would go perfectly with some homemade fries.

Author: Gus Barge

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