Top 10 Super Bowl Betting Blogs

Top 10 Super Bowl Betting Blogs

The Super Bowl is the most-viewed sporting event in the United States and is continuing to grow abroad. The relaxation of sports betting laws in the USA has opened up the pathway for eager punters to line up prospective bets to make a little bit of cash while enjoying the action on Super Bowl Sunday. But the question is, how do you know where to find the best bets to place for the contest?

Here are the top 10 betting blogs for the Super Bowl, providing the best advice on which markets to look at and how to deploy your funds effectively.



When you visit, the “How To Bet Super Bowl” page should be your port of call. There you gain all the information about how to bet and the markets on offer, including the fascinating prop bets. They also provide sounds strategies for the betting on the contest itself, which is more than helpful for experienced and novice bettors, and a list of the leading bookmakers available.

2. DraftKings

Draftkings is one of the leading fantasy sports and betting sites in the United States. Therefore, a visit to their website provides comprehensive information on all-betting related information. There is information on the respective teams and their leading markets for the event. Instructional articles are in place for novice bettors, ensuring that you’re armed with all you need to know before placing a wager.

3. Betway

Betway also provides its readers with a number of informative articles before they bet on the Super Bowl. Their articles break down the two teams competing in the event and the best bets available from the set of rosters. Much like How To Bet, Betway also offers an instruction guide on how to place wagers on their site.

 4. Gambling Sites

Gambling Sites offer a complete breakdown of the Super Bowl and all the best bets available on the market. Among their past articles, they offer insight into past trends, which is extremely useful considering the nature of the contest. There is plenty of information provided, making it a good read for experts and novices alike.

 5. OLBG

OLBG provide quality information on the teams that will be competing in the Super Bowl. They provide stats taken from about the relevant sides that are more than helpful when opting for certain bets regarding scoring. A betting guide for beginners on markets and how to place wagers is also available among the articles on the blog.

6. is a good blog to follow during the action. This site is perhaps more suitable for experienced bettors that are interested in in-play wagering. It highlights where you can find value during the contest and what to look out for – such as the Kansas City Chiefs’ comeback in Super Bowl LIV.

7. Oddschecker

Oddschecker is usually the place to visit to get a comprehensive list of all the odds available for certain markets across the leading bookmakers. However, it also a useful page breaking down articles and information from around the internet on the game itself and the best markets to watch out for.

8. William Hill

William Hill has a growing online presence in the United States, having been established in the United Kingdom for 60 years. Its website contains useful information for beginners and experienced bettors. Their NFL presence is starting to grow and on their website you will find useful tips for the games of the week – especially during the week of the Super Bowl.

9. SI Gambling

Sports Illustrated is one of the leading sports publications in the United States. Due to the relaxation of sports gambling laws in the United States they, along with others, aim to cater to fans’ interest in gambling on They provide a weekly tips article for the NFL season and highlight their picks for the leading markets.

10. Barstool Sports

Barstool are one of the emerging bookmakers in the United States. However, they’ve always taken an interest in sports betting, especially on the Super Bowl. Their tips page is more for the experienced bettor and provides punters on which markets to place their wagers. They stray more towards audio and video content to broadcast their best tips for the NFL.

So if you’re looking to place a bet during the Super Bowl, rest assured you’ll not be short of guidance on how to make your pick.

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