Ten of the Strangest Stress Toys You Can Buy to Relieve Stress!

Most people know what a stress toy is. It is something you squeeze in the palm of your hand and hopefully releases some stress by doing so. We all have those moments of stress that make you want to scream, but reaching for one of these is much more relaxing and less aggressive. While they usually come in a squidgy ball shape there are many different shapes of stress toy and I think I have found ten of the strangest stress toys money can buy…


Manatee Squishy Stress Toy
Manatee Squishy Stress Toy

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There is nothing more relaxing than watching a Manatee swimming about in the water. But sadly they are big animals and won’t fit in your pocket. But this stress toy will and you can give it a little squeeze every time to need to dig deep and find a smile.

Pimple Popper Stress Toy

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If popping spots are your idea of stress relief you might need to seek some mental health advice. Or you could just get this toy and play with it in secret. Or maybe the grossness of it distracts your mind and helps you think clearer.

Caomaru Face Squishy Stress Toy

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Designed by Makiko Yoshida, Cao Maru are hilarious and original stress balls that let you relieve tension while expressing emotion in the balls themselves. Featuring four different facial expressions in both brown and white versions, Cao Maru (literally, “face round”) will be right at home on your desk or table waiting for you to squeeze their little faces in all sorts of imaginative ways!

Egg Laying Chicken Squishy Stress Toy

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Have you ever been so stressed you could squeeze the egg out of a chicken? While I imagine that would be hard to do with a real chicken this toy one makes that stress level a little easier to manage.

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Boob Squishy Stress Toy

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Is there anything more relaxing than a gentle squeeze on a bosom? Maybe there is, but I would personally find this very relaxing indeed. I think I would like a pair of them, but that is just my own tastes.

Bikini Bum Squishy Stress Toy

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We have all been there! A bad day at the office and something has gone wrong and is causing you to be so stressed you could squeeze the bum out of a bikini. Well, now you don’t have to get arrested for doing just that!

Under-Desk Scrotum Squishy Stress Toy

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I can imagine there these are hanging under many a females desk and now you too could be relaxing with a vicious squeeze of these dangling beauties.  Sure, it’s odd, but it could be a secret way to handle the stress of everyday office life.

Star Wars: Darth Vader Squishy Stress Toy

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If you ever get so angry you could squeeze the life from Darth Vader himself you really should be seeing your therapist a lot more. Or you could get one of these toys no anger the darksided one.

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Pizza Slice Squishy Stress Toy

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I’ve never been angry enough to squeeze a slice of pizza, but I have squashed it down so I could fit more in my mouth. But this slice is not for eating, it is for stress relief and I only hope it smells amazing.

Peas in a Pod Squishy Stress Toy

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Having done this with a real pod of peas I can tell you it can be really satisfying just to pop a pea out of the pod. So if you don’t happen to have any vegetable stores near you this toy one will do just as good.

Author: Gus Barge

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