Ten Strange and Unusual Rugs That Every Home Needs to Own

Today, I hit the sales and finally bought my first rug. I used to love my wooden flooring, but since the dog looks like it is ice skating whenever it walks on it I thought it was time to put one down. But rug shopping is hard and that is why I always consult the experts over at the rug district before I make a purchase. But in the meanwhile, check out these ten weird and nerdy rugs that would make the perfect give for any man cave…

Top 10 Strange And Unusual Rugs

Star Wars: Death Star Rug – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Probably not much bigger than the model they made the film with comes this Death Star rug! Seriously though, could the marketing people have made this product image any nerdier?

Labyrinth maze rug – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

This might look like an Ariel photo of a hedge maze, but it really is a rug! But these designer rugs always cost a bomb right? Well no. In fact, you can click on the image and learn to make one yourself!

Field of Flowers Rug – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Moving swiftly onto the more unusual with this field of leaves rug. (Yeah I know they are called “Field of Flowers” but it looks more like leaves to me.) each “flower” is a hand cut piece of felt that gets hand woven into the rug. So do expect to pay a fair price for the amazing rug experience.

Double Yolk Egg Rug – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

There is something a little weird about this rug despite it looking rather comfortable to lay on. Maybe I just like eating my breakfast, not laying on it. Sadly I couldn’t find out where to buy these which is a real shame.

NES Controller Rug – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

There is quite a few video game themed rugs that you can buy, but I like this one the most. Small, simple and perfect for going alongside the bed.

Woody Wood Rug – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Looking like a cross section from a giant redwood tree comes this weird, but yet strangely cool rug. Imagine this in a log cabin, it would finish it off rather nicely.

Han Solo in Carbonite Rug – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Why you would want a dead person who is encased in Carbonite for a rug is beyond me. But if I was a bit more of a Star Wars fan maybe I would understand a lot better. Still, I suppose it is unique!

Aerial Photo Rug – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Florian Pucher loves landscape images so much he decided to turn them into amazing rugs! If you are from the city it is made of you is sure to be able to spot things you recognisable thanks to the amazing detail the artist gives it. Unlike most artworks that you can only look at, these you can actually buy from the artist’s website, now that is cool.

Nebula Themed Rug – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Maybe you fancy yourself as a bit of a star-spotter!? Well if you are constantly looking towards the night sky this rug will be the perfect woolly space for you.

Dr Who: Tardis Rug – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

It was the nerd in me that wins again. But to be fair the quality of this rug is also a very worthy aspect of why it made my number 1. Imagine this in any home, it looks great and would make a fantastic talking point.

Author: Gus Barge

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