Ten Benefits of Working as a Long-Term Substitute Teacher

Ten Benefits of Working as a Long-Term Substitute Teacher

As a substitute teacher, you may take on short-term jobs. For example, you might substitute for teachers who aren’t going to be at school for a day or two because of illness or some other similar reason. However, long-term jobs for teachers who might have more serious illnesses or injuries or might be on maternity leave can also be a good option. Once you have these skills, you could always transfer them to things like creative writing services to help bring in some extra income. But that is not the only benefit of being a long-term substitute teacher…

Steadier Work

Even though you might like the flexibility that goes along with substitute teaching, you might sometimes wish that you had a steadier job. The good thing about long-term substitute teaching is that it provides you with steadier work for a few weeks or even months. Then, you’ll know that you will have an income coming in for a while.

It Looks Better on a CV

The more you work, the better it looks on a CV, that is a simple fact that hasn’t changed in the job market for decades. And it is not just gap filling that it does…

Transferable Skills

By taking on various positions and roles within the educational market you will soon find your skills improving in other ways As a long-term substitute teacher, you will learn how to think on your feet, hone your problem-solving skills and practice your public speaking and those are just a few examples of the many.


If you become a full-time teacher you easily find yourself stuck in a single land position. The benefit of long-term subbing is that you get to do a variety of positions meaning you are far less likely to get bored with the job.

Inside View

If you have considered becoming a full-time teacher at a school, but you are not sure what the school is like being a long-term sub for them offers you an inside view of the other staff you might be working alongside, the pupils you will be teaching and the working conditions it is all set under.

Ten Benefits of Working as a Long-Term Substitute Teacher

Get to Know the School and Faculty

Another good thing about long-term substitute teaching is that it can allow you to get to know the school and the faculty. Working at different schools and always working with different teachers and other staff members at each school can be tricky. You’ll be able to get to know the place where you’re working and the people who you are working with if you become a long-term substitute teacher.

Build a Better Relationship with the Students

Lastly, you can build a better relationship with the students if you are their substitute teacher over a longer period of time. This can be better for both you and the students who you will be teaching. Students will probably feel more comfortable knowing that they will have the same teacher each day for an extended period of time, and you can get to know each of your students and their needs, which makes things easier for you and allows you to provide the children with a better education.

You Can Still Set Your Own Schedule

You might think going full-time means all the time, but that is simply not true. You will still have all the powers of flexibility going long-term as you did short-term, only you are a little more committed to accepting positions.

More Money

This one kind of goes without saying, but it is something worth pointing out, especially with the cost of living going up all the time.

Improve Your Chances of Landing a Headteacher Position

If you have always wanted to climb the ladder in the teaching market going long-term could prove you have the skills and dedication to do just that and you will be much more likely to be in pol-positon when it comes to those head-teacher jobs.

Working as a long-term substitute teacher can have its benefits, so it might just be a career move that you will want to look into.

Author: Gus Barge