Ten Amazing Stationery Holders Made From Recycled Things

While you could buy a stationary holder online it will be more fun and much more rewarding to make one for something you can reuse and recycle. That is what these ten people have done, they have all made a stationery holder from amazing things and while some of them will be difficult to make ourselves they are still all worth looking at…


A Stationery Holder Made From Rolled Paper
A Stationery Holder Made From Rolled Paper

10 – Rolled Paper

While this looks pretty complicated, it is a lot easier to make than you might think. If you just so happen to have a small stack of coloured paper laying around why not turn it into this!

A Stationery Holder Made From a Phone Book

9 – Phone Book

We go from coloured paper to paper with phone numbers all over it! Let’s face it, these days with Google you don’t really need a phone book for anything, so why not turn it into something useful!

A Stationery Holder Made From Bottle Caps

8 – Bottle Caps

Are you someone who collects bottle tops with the intention of using them to make something in the future? If you are your time has come and you get a nice pencil holder from your efforts! You might need a glue gun as well, but that is all.

A Stationery Holder Made From Lego

7 – Lego

This is probably one of the easiest ones to make as you just need to build it! I suppose you could glue the bricks together, but I wouldn’t bother as Lego is strong enough to hold many pencils together.

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A Stationery Holder Made From Circuit Boards

6 – Circuit Boards

Do you have a load of old electronic boards laying around from computers that are no longer usable? If you do you could make one of these stationary holders and it doesn’t look too hard to make. The only problem you will have is that you need to find 4 circuit boards that are mostly the same shape and size.

A Stationery Holder Made From Floppy Disks

5 – Floppy Disks

All you really need is 5 floppy disks (one for the bottom and 4 sides) and a few small cable ties to hold them all together. OK, so its probably not that easy, but it looks great and perfect for any office desk.

A Stationery Holder Made From Toilet Roll Tubes

4 – Toilet Roll Tubes

You might think a pencil holder made from toilet roll tubes would look a little tacky to be placed on a desk, but with the right type of paint covering them, it can look pretty stylish much like this copper painted one.

A Stationery Holder Made From a Computer Keyboard

3 – Computer Keyboard

This is another one of those desk tidies that would look good in an office be it at home or at work. While you will need something to stick the keys to, it shouldn’t be too hard to replicate this.

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A Stationery Holder Made From Coloured Pencils

2 – Coloured Pencils

This one kind of points out what it should be used for and also brings a touch of colour to the office desk. I like these desk tidies made from pencils, I might have to try and make this one myself.

A Stationery Holder Made From a Pair of Old Jeans

1 – Pair of Old Jeans

While I have no idea how they made it I do like it and it brings a nice texture to an otherwise pretty boring piece of office essentials.

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