10 Casino Slots Machine Myths and How To Avoid Them

10 Casino Slots Machine Myths and How To Avoid Them

Below are some online casino slots and real-world slot machine myths about the game of casino slots. Understanding these casino slot machine myths can help you develop the best strategies to win when you play casino slots.

Myth #1. Someone Hits A Jackpot At The Machine You Were Just Playing: That Could Have Been Your Jackpot!

False. A winning slot machine cannot be spotted by the looks of it. Even a slot machine in a bank of machines with high payout percentages is not going to guarantee a jackpot. It is the RNG which hands out the winnings – not the machine itself.

Myth #2. Play The Machines Nearest The Doors Or Aisles.

False. While you may be more comfortable in these seats and these slots are played more often, they are not always the best-paying slots. Moving over 2 or 3 machines can be more profitable.

Myth #3. Hot Coins Mean The Machine Will Win And Cold Coins Mean A Cold Machine.

False. Anyone who understands how a slot machine operates will know that a hot coin is not going to warm up the gears and get them to loosen up. This myth was likely started by an optimistic and creative gambler who had one too many free drinks sitting at the slot machines.

Myth #4. Payback Percentages Are The Highest On The Weekends.

False. Although casinos may change their betting stakes to accommodate certain types of players at certain times of the day, the payouts of slot machines still operate on a random basis as dictated by the RNG.

Myth #5. The Casinos Can Flip A Switch To Make Machines Tight Or Loose.

False. Only the slot manufacturer can make any changes to a slot machine. Besides, most Gaming Control Boards do not allow casinos to do this.

10 Casino Slots Machine Myths and How To Avoid Them

Myth #6. Players Will Win More Often By Pulling The Arm Of The Slot Machine Rather Than Pushing The Spin Button.

False. As far as the slot machine, or better, the RNG is concerned, both of these playing options are signals to start spinning the reels. Once the reels start spinning, the RNG has already determined whether it will be a winning or losing spin. If anything, it is the timing of spinning the reels, and not how one gets them spinning.

Myth #7. Machines Pay Better If You Use A Casino Slot Club Card.

False. The slot machine does not know what a slot card is, and it certainly does not care if you use one. The RNG continues to roll with symbol combinations, taking money in any form – cash or card. The advantage to you is the slot card freebie benefits.

Myth #8. You Can Determine Your Odds Of Winning By Counting The Number Of Symbols On A Reel.

False. Remember that the RNG uses a virtual reel that corresponds to the actual reel, which will always affect the odds in a different way than would be from simply counting the symbols and spaces on the visible reels.

Myth #9. You Should Play One Coin At A Time To Get More Chances At Hitting The Jackpot.

False. The chances of hitting a jackpot are small. In most cases, playing the maximum number of coins increases the payout rate percentage, which is actually your better bet to walking away as a winner.

Myth #10. If A Slot Machine Advertises A 95% Payback, Then I Should Expect A Return Of $95 For Every $100 I Put Into The Machine.

False. The payback percentages are long-term percentages. The long-term outlook allows the casinos to average income from the machines over time, which is much longer than the time you would take to pay $100 in a machine. In the short term (the time you would take to pay $100), the machine could pay off a lot more or a lot less than the advertised amount.

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