Top 10 Doing It by the Book Safety Dogs

People say dogs risk their lives all the time and they are often too stupid and reckless for their own good. Well, not these ten dogs. They do things by the rules and when it comes to health and safety they never take shortcuts…



Dog Wearing Ear Protectors
Dog Wearing Ear Protectors

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Some Dogs Are a Little Daft and Reckless, but These 10 Super Safety Dogs Always Stick to the Rules and Do Things by the Book.

Dog Wearing Car Safety Belt

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A ride in a car is a one-way trip t danger town according to this safety pooch.

Dog Wearing Crash Helmet

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Just because you are a rebel motorbike doesn’t mean you don’t wear a crash helmet.

Dog Wearing Pool Safety Equipment

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When it comes to poolside safety it is best to come prepared for anything.

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Dog Wearing Boat Safety Equipment

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Remember, powerboat racing can be dangerous. Particularly if you are a dog with no thumbs meaning you can’t grip the steering wheel.

Dog Wearing Crash Helmet

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This dog is only going for a walk in the woods, but apparently, you can never be too safe.

Dog Wearing Beach Safety Equipment

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This dog can stay safe by floating for hours in this and it even has distress flairs if he goes out into the water past 1 metre.

Dog Wearing Building Site Safety Equipment

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This dog is only going for a walk near the building site, but he didn’t want to take risks.

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Dog Wearing Diving Safety Equipment

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Diving into a kiddies pool for the ball can be a dangerous job, good job this dog is ready and prepared for fun.

Dog Wearing Car Safety Belt

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Clunk and click is what keeps this safety pooch free from danger. He also has an airbag built into the collar!

Author: Gus Barge

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