Top 10 Casino Secrets: Roulette Player Tips

Top 10 Casino Secrets: Roulette Player Tips
Top 10 Casino Secrets: Roulette Player Tips

Let’s get one thing straight. There is no sure-fire winning strategy with Roulette. It is just a wheel of luck and chance. But there are player tips and pieces of golden information that will help you win (provided it is your lucky night) so join me as we spin the wheel of chance and try and find ways of reducing the odds of losing…



10 – Know the Wheel

There are several types and styles of Roulette wheel like European, American and lots of others. So know what you are going to play before you do play!

9 – Cashout Check

When playing Roulette online make sure you know (and when) you can cash out. Some sites will only pay via paypal transfers, so make sure you know how and what method of cash out they have just in case you do win big.

8 – Do 40 and no Faster

Take your maximum budget and divided it by 40. Then whatever the answer is, NEVER gamble more than that each spin. It will give you lots of chances to win and even if you are on a losing streak, it will make the fun last longer.

7 – Stick to the Outside Lane

Unless you have a large budget stick to playing the outside bets. Red, black, odds, evens. It will make the game last longer and you can still win big if your luck is in.

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6 – Packed House

When playing Roulette in a real casino try picking a table that is as busy as possible. It will be more fun and you can learn what everyone else is doing before you spend a penny.

5 – Free For More Fun

Want to make your money last longer? Why not spend half the playing time you have playing the free games and the rest playing real money games. The fun will last longer and you will also get a feel of the table.

4 – Stay With It

This tip is good for both online and real casino playing. Make sure you stay sober and coherent. Playing any form of gambling while on drink or drugs is a deadly combination.

3 – Site Check

Before you even think about depositing a single penny of real money make sure the site is trustworthy and has received good feedback from most of its customers. With so many online casinos it is easier to get caught out than you might think.

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2 – One Bet Fred

An oddly surprising fun way to both play and win is to play only one outside bet and stick with it. So say black, or red then only bet that colour! Then, when there is a run on your colour it will feel like a much bigger win streak than it actually is.

1 – Forget Strategies

If you believe strategies like the Martingale Strategy work then you deserve to loose your money. The best way to play is to have fun and keep believing your luck is in.

Author: Gus Barge

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