Hitting the road for a trip you’ll always remember? If so you might want to keep these ten tips in mind to make sure the trip is not only memorable, but also safe and as well planed out as it can be. So make sure the car is packed and lets roll out on the road trip of a lifetime…



Top 10 Road Trip Tips You Need to Read

Route 66

10 – Route 66

Heading out for your first road trip and don’t know where to go? Stick to a classic route, like Route 66. It’s well-known for a reason. Make sure you look up hotels in San Francisco before you reach your destination so you’re not blindly searching for a room late at night.

Top 10 Road Trip Tips You Need to Read

Food Location Itinerary

9 – Food Location Itinerary

If you’re planning your road trip from beginning to end, create a food itinerary with the names, locations and cuisines of various restaurants along the way. You’ll hit all the spots you want to and you’ll also have something to reference when you don’t know where to go for dinner. Don’t assume you’ll remember all these details on your own!

Top 10 Road Trip Tips You Need to Read

Car Full Of Rubbish

8 – Car Full Of Rubbish

Purchase a plastic cereal container and use it for garbage that accumulates in the car. Put a plastic bag in it to make it easy to bundle up your trash when it’s full. Don’t forget to put some extra plastic bags in the trunk for when you need a new bag. Without a garbage bag, your car will get filled with food wrappers and dirty napkins before you know it.

Top 10 Road Trip Tips You Need to Read

CD Players in Cars

7 – CD Players in Cars

Using a CD player instead of an MP3 player? Bring along movie soundtracks. They have diverse music so you’ll want to listen to the entire CD without needing to swap it out. Otherwise, you could get bored of the same type of music after just three or four tracks. Or, create custom mixes ahead of time so you’re sure to love every song that comes on.

Top 10 Road Trip Tips You Need to Read

Star Gazing In a Car

6 – Star Gazing In a Car

Pull over once in a while after the sun’s gone down to simply look at the stars. Part of the fun of a road trip is enjoying every point along the way, not just your planned stops.

Top 10 Road Trip Tips You Need to Read

Kids In The Car

5 – Kids In The Car

Do you have kids along for the ride? Give them a muffin tin, which makes a perfect play station for their Play-Doh or other toys.

Top 10 Road Trip Tips You Need to Read

Snacks In a Tackle Box

4 – Snacks In a Tackle Box

Separate small amounts of snacks into a tackle box. It’ll be easy to grab a bit of food when you’re hungry without struggling with bags.

Fast Food Caddy

Fast Food Caddy

3 – Fast Food Caddy

Planning to each some fast food meals? Bring along a shower caddy to make it easy to store the food in the passenger seat while you eat and drive. You won’t have to worry about your burger sliding onto the floor when you come to a stop!

Top 10 Road Trip Tips You Need to Read

Too Many Air Fresheners in Car

2 – Too Many Air Fresheners in Car

Bring along a few extra air fresheners. After practically living in your car for a few days, you’ll be happy you have a way to make everything smell fresh!

Top 10 Road Trip Tips You Need to Read

Car Phone Chargers

1 – Car Phone Chargers

Even if you’ll be stopping at hotels, you’ll want a multi-charger for your car. If you’re on the road for long stretches at a time, your various electronics will lose their battery charge. The last thing you want is to be stranded without a phone. This article was contributed by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, a travel website that offers customers a fast and easy way to find the best travel deals.


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