Top 10 Tunnels Made From Unusual Things

There are lots of tunnels all over the world, and more are made each and every day. But 99% of them are made from concrete, I wanted to pay homage to that select few that are made from very different and unusual things…



Top 10 Tunnels Made From Unusual Things
Tunnel Made From Glass

10 – Glass –

Quite a few people reading this would have gone through the glass tunnel at the aquarium, and they never fail to amaze me. Just a shame you can’t have a drive through one!

Tunnel Made From Seashells

9 – Seashells –

Located in Margate, UK is a Pagan Temple that has a small tunnel made from over 4.6 million seashells! Seems someone spent an awful lot of time at the beach.

Tunnel Made From Rattan

8 – Rattan –

Made by designers Natalia Ortega Gámez and Jose Thén is a tunnel made from what is normally turned into garden furniture, rattan! Apparently, it took around six weeks but was definitely worth it.

Tunnel Made From VHS Tape

7 – VHS Tape –

This tunnel made by Lithuanian artist Zilvinas Kempinas is over 80ft long and made from nothing but old VHS tapes! Now that is cool recycling.

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Tunnel Made From Books

6 – Books –

Made from a few thousand books and a LED strip light is this amazing tunnel located at the Last Bookstore, Los Angeles. It would have been amazing if it was all books about tunnels! Sadly it’s not, but still very cool and well worth seeing.

Tunnel Made From Trees

5 – Trees –

This tunnel called the “Tunnel of Love” is located in Ukraine and is made from over three kilometres or trees grown closely together.

Tunnel Made From Lights

4 – Lights –

Made from over 7 million LED lights it this tunnel located that a Japanese botanical garden. But strangely no light at the end of the tunnel!

Tunnel Made From Ice

3 – Ice –

This tunnel that takes you on a tour underneath a glacier is designed to show you how icy rivers work underneath these giant ice blocks. Just remember to wrap up warm.

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Tunnel Made From Tree Trunk

2 –Tree –

Located at the Sequoia National Park in California these giant trees are more than big enough to drive a car through making a great tunnel!

Tunnel Made From Single Rock

1 – Rock –

I’m not sure why you would need a tunnel going through a giant rock, but it seems you can if you have the right drilling equipment.

Author: Gus Barge

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