The Top 10 Rising Young Tennis Players That Are Going to Dominate the Top Positions in the World Ranking

The Top 10 Rising Young Tennis Players That Are Going to Dominate the Top Positions in the World Ranking

The world of tennis is now undergoing significant changes. Changes that are stemming from the fact that a new generation is taking over higher and higher positions in the ATP and the WTA rankings respectively. We have already seen young talents not only standing out for their extraordinary style and game, but managing to conquer the first place and on top of this, managing to maintain their position for a long time.

Right now, the number one seeds in both men’s and women’s tennis rankings are players who are around their 20s – Carlos Alcaraz is 20 and Iga Swiatek is 21! Young and talented! And it’s not only those two. There are plenty more players that are young and that are paving their way towards the top, often dethroning long-standing legends of the sport.

The world of tennis is soon going to be dominated by the new generation. This is going to be felt by all: the athletes themselves, the fans and the sports bettors as well, who will see all bookmakers -from traditional bookies to betting sites in Australia – changing the way that they identify the favorites into any given tennis match. The all time favorites will most likely not be the absolute favorites anymore and the perceived underdogs will keep on rising!

A new generation is dynamically invading the sport and it is transforming the world ranking the way we know it.

Let’s see the top ten rising young tennis players that are expected to dominate the world of tennis in the near future!

1. Coco Gauff

The American tennis player has been showing an extraordinary talent on the court and has managed to reach the Roland Garros final in 2022, while having won a total of five singles titles. Gauff’s career high was the 4th position in the WTA ranking. She is considered to be the next Naomi Osaka!

2. Holger Rune

The 20-year-old Dane professional tennis player is a phenomenon. He is currently ranking 4th in the ATP world rankings and he is constantly moving upwards. Rune has 4 titles in his career and his performance reminds many tennis fans of the performance and style of Roger Federer!

3. Zheng Qinwen

The 20-year-old Chinese tennis player is not in the top ten ranking of the WTA but she is definitely a rising star. Qinwen has one title in her career and her all time high has been the 19th position. Her style, her abilities and her unique tennis skills have helped her move really fast up the ladder.

4. Lorenzo Musetti

The Italian player is only 21 years old, but he is hitting the world of tennis like an experienced pro. Musetti has two titles in his career up to now and he ranks 18th in the current ATP rankings.

5. Jannik Sinner

One more Italian player to watch out for in tennis. This 22-year-old is number 6 in the rankings and he has already 8 titles in his career. He is supposed to be the next big thing in the sport, and that is why we are waiting to see a lot from him.

The Top 10 Rising Young Tennis Players That Are Going to Dominate the Top Positions in the World Ranking

6. Félix Auger-Aliassime

The Canadian 23-year-old tennis player has reached an all high career 6th position, but now he is 15th seeded. Nevertheless with his 4 titles up to now, he is expected to reach the top 10 in no time.

7. Casper Ruud

He is 24 years old and he is from Norway. Ruud has become extremely popular due to his exceptional style and capabilities on the court. He has managed to reach the 2nd position in the ATP rankings, though now he is in the 5th.

8. Elena Rybakina

She has already made it to the top five of the WTA rankings – she is 4th seeded right now. Rybakina from Kazakhstan has 1 Grand Slam (Wimbledon 2022) and a total of five titles, indicating the quality player she is.

9. Iga Swiatek

She is the number 1 in the WTA rankings. The Polish player has already won 4 Grand Slams and by the age of 22 she has managed to do what other players haven’t even been dreaming of.

10. Carlos Alcaraz

He needs no introduction. He is the number 1 in the ATP rankings and he has a total of 12 titles in his career already! The Spanish wonder boy, Carlos Alcaraz is a phenomenal player who has unprecedented speed, extraordinary strength and a style that leaves everyone speechless!

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