Top 10 Ways to Refresh Old Furniture

Top 10 Ways to Refresh Old Furniture

Sometimes we all want to get rid of the old, boring furniture, but our budget can be a constraint. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t give your furniture a new, fresh look. For instance, you can use elegant furniture slipcovers to cover up the wear or even use your own creative DIY skills to change the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Hence, in this article, we’re going to share with you the top ten ways to update and refresh your old furniture without burning a hole in your pocket. Read on! 

1.    Replace the Fittings

You can change the locks or even handles of your cupboard or drawer to give them a unique look. You can opt for classy bronze or glass handles for a modern appearance.

2.    Paint Your Old Furniture  

If you want to cover up any marks and scratches while updating your furniture on a budget, painting is the best option. You can opt for a color that complements other pieces of décor, usually nude or even dark colors work best.

3.    Use Washi Tapes

This way requires your basic art skills and minimal effort, however, this way works the best if your furniture is already in good shape. You can use any vibrant colored Washi tape to make geometric shapes, such as triangles and squares on your furniture for a professional finish.

4.    Go for Intrinsic Engraving

You can engrave your wooden or even leather furniture with a technique called wood burning with the help of a pyrography pen. Although it’s not difficult, you can still look for a tutorial on YouTube to get a better understanding. If you’re totally inexperienced, a stencil can help you get the perfect, sleek look.

5.    Paint to Refresh Your Old Wooden Chair

You can also spruce up your old wooden chairs by painting them in vibrant colors like yellow, red, or even bright blue. This can help you make your living room livelier too. You can paint half of the legs only as well for a trendy two-tone look.

Top 10 Ways to Refresh Old Furniture

6.    Use Sticky-Back Plastic for a Furnished Look

If you desire the contemporary marble look for your furniture, you can opt for a budget-friendly method by purchasing and pasting sticky-back plastic on any surface like worktops, bookshelves, or tables.

7.    DIY Your Coffee or Side Table

To update your coffee or side table, you can get artsy and have a stencil of your choice with spray paint. In case it’s a mono-tone table, you can spray paint the legs only. Another option is to put a stencil on the top of your table and spray paint it for a classy look.

8.    Style Your Old Furniture with Wallpaper

You can get floral, basic, or even abstract wallpaper styles that can be ideal to cover up stains while refreshing the look. You can cut and use wallpaper according to the size of your furniture, like kitchen drawers, shelves, dresser, or book stand.

9.    Replace the Legs of Your Furniture

Although it may seem subtle to you, it can work magic for your décor. This task will be easier if your furniture (table, couch, or chairs) has screw-on legs. You can replace matte legs with sleek ones, or even matte-colored with bright-colored ones and vice versa.

10.    Give It a Deep Cleaning

At times, all your sofas need is deep cleaning. If you think the color has changed or looks too dull, you don’t need to spend a fortune. You only need a quality cleaning solution and a vacuum cleaner to breathe back life to your old furniture. 


Author: Gus Barge

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