Ten of Gotham’s Most Fun Animals Dressed as Batman

It is sometimes harder to make these top 10’s than you might think, not only do I have to find something to add to them all, but I also have to find the images and make as sure as I can that I am allowed to use the images! The other month I did the post “Top 10 Animals Dressed as Spider-Man” and it was a bit of a fail, some were clearly fake, some statues and others just not funny at all. But I intend to make up for it by bringing you…


BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About the World of Batman


Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
Hamster Dressed as Batman

10 – Batster!

FACT: Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, you might well think they are all very bad people, but when it comes to villains none of them is a patch The Mad Hatter who kidnapped young children and made them play sexual role-play games, then he killed them! But good news, Batman kills him.

Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
Lizard Dressed as Batman

9 – Batard!

FACT: When was Batman’s first movie? Believe it or not “Batman, Dracula” was released right back in 1964 by none other than Andy Warhol!

Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
Chinchilla Dressed as Batman

8 – Batchilla

FACT: Most younger Batman fans will not know him by name, but Adam West has a Batman logo on his teeth! He had such fond memories of playing the caped hero that he had it done when the TV show ended.

Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
Frog Dressed as Batman

7 – Batfrog

FACT: Technically speaking it is only Batman that could ever really exist! Sure he would need a lot of money but it is more than possible.

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Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
Horse Dressed as Batman

6 – Bathorse

FACT: The Fantastic Four are late to the game as it was Batman who first fought with Dr Doom way back in 1950 a whole 14 years before the Fab 4 had ever heard of him!

Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
Rabbit Dressed as Batman

5 – Batbit!

FACT: Poor Batman, not only did the Bat-signal not appear until 2 years of crime fighting but only after 8 years did he get a Bat-Cave! Before that, he just had the Batplane and a deserted barn!

Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
Cats Dressed as Batman and Robin

4 – Batcat and Purrin

FACT: Batman has not always lived in Gotham City, in fact in the 1940’s it was said that he lived in Metropolis and then New York!

Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
Dogs Dressed as Batman and Robin

3 – Batpug and Puggin

FACT: Batman is not the “Saviour” you might think he is as in the early comics he would often end up brutally killing the villain! No, go to jail, no courts, he just killed them!

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Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
Guinea pig Dressed as Batman

2 – Batpig!

FACT: Robin was originally planned to appear in only one issue! The comics editor Jack Liebowitz thought “Batman was doing well enough by himself.” but lucky for Robin the fans spoke in droves and he was allowed to stay.

Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
Goats Dressed as Batman and Robin

1 –  Batgoat and Gobbin

FACT: During World War II most the other superheroes were busy fighting the Nazis and Batman only did once! In one comic, Nazi saboteurs come to Gotham City and Batman does take them down, but that was it! This was done so that readers had a comic that they could escape the realities of war in, while the people that loved their superheroes fighting them had loads of choice as well!

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