Ten of the World’s Most Popular Christmas Traditions

Christmas is less and less and you can already feel it, as we see the streets, homes and shopping centers decorated in a magnificent way waiting for the end of the year and the Christmas party . And as happens every year with the arrival of this holiday, people put into practice countless Christmas traditions that have been practiced for hundreds of years.

Below we see an interesting Top 10 where the most popular Christmas traditions in the world are listed, those customs that are put into practice with the arrival of Christmas and that are part of the Christmas spirit that this celebration needs. Let us then know which are the most used traditions by people around the world.

Ten of the World's Most Popular Christmas Traditions

10. Christmas Villages
9. Christmas Piñatsas
8. Novena of Aguinaldos
7. Christmas Posadas
6. Christmas Carols
5. Christmas Gifts
4. Advent Wreath
3. Manger
2. Christmas Tree
1. Christmas Dinner

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Author: Gus Barge

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