10 Things to Look out for at a PA Online Casino

10 Things to Look out for at a PA Online Casino

With so many online casinos sites starting up in the Pennsylvania area it can be hard to know which ones are safe and which ones might be bad actors. These ten things to look out for are not difficult to find, nor are they all needed, by simply marking off just a few of them at your online casino site of choice will keep you much safer. You can compare many of these to a safe, secure PA casino like roulettesites.org and see how the others stack up…

Welcome Bonuses

Are you really getting the best welcome bonus you can? While some offer a good bonus it might not be the best deal for you. ALWAYS read the small print with these types of bonuses as some will give you little more than free spins on a slot game you don’t even like.

Contact Options

This is something most people simply don’t think about nor will they ever use! But simply looking at a casino sites contact options will tell you just how grounded and safe to use they are. If they don’t have email support or live chat they really aren’t worth bothering with.

Play Bonuses

It’s all well and good having a great welcome bonus, but what about later down the line? Does this site offer a few good bonuses and how often do they release them? All you have to do is have a quick look at their social media channels to see if they post regular bonuses or not.

Is the Site Secure?

It sounds like a tip you might give your grandma, but making sure a site is running in HPPTS is essential to betting safely online. Yes, there are literally hundreds of online casino sites that still run in normal HTTP protocols and no, they are not safe. But yet, people still use them! I have a simple online casino life rule and that is no HTTPS no deposit!

Do They Have Live Roulette Games?

Do They Have Live Roulette Games?

Most online casino sites have live roulette games these days, but not all of them. It is well worth checking how many they have, how frequently they run and at what times, as those players who are night-owls might not ever get to play this way and playing live is pretty great and much more exciting than regular roulette.

Your Favourite Games

If you like to play a few table games then hit the slots with your winnings you might want to make sure that the new site you have joined has the slot games you like. I am a personal fan of Rainbow Riches, so without that, I wouldn’t want to play anything.

Payout Options

If you get a big win on a casino site how will they pay it out? Some sites don’t accept Paypal payouts, while some others even offer cash payouts if you live in the PA area! While this isn’t too much of an issue these days with instant bank transfers you might want your winnings paid out in a way that site doesn’t offer.

Site Loading Speed

Site Loading Speed

This isn’t something anyone really thinks about, but you might notice some sites are slower to load when using them on a smartphone. This could mean they are bigger sites and this in turn will cost you more in data costs! If you plan to use that said casino site long term it could well affect your mobile data allowance.

The UI

It is well worth signing up to a casino site and not paying any deposit as you can get a feel as to how the site looks and feels. some sites are clean and simple to use, but I know more than a few of the bigger name online casino sites that are not so easy to use. This is something you might not notice immediately, but long-term little user-interface annoyances will get on your nerves.

Negative Reviews

Most people will go online and look for a casino sites reviews, but it is better to view the negative ones rather than all the positive ones. An angry reviewer might well hit upon an issue that you can relate to and that will save you the hassle of experiencing it yourself. I always check the negative reviews because some sites get so many they hide them! If you can see at least a few negative ones it at least means the site is being honest with their reviews.


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