The Ten Best US States for Gaming

The Ten Best US States for Gaming

Regulations around betting have changed in the United States over the last few years, with each state having the power to set its own rules regarding wagering, casinos, and lotteries.

This means that some states offer more opportunities for gamers than others. Here are the top ten US states for gaming you may want to visit soon.


1. Nevada

Nevada is the gaming capital of the United States. It invented the casino resort concept and has become a must-visit destination for lovers of casino games.

Las Vegas is the most famous casino city in the state, but you’ll find opportunities to bet in many other towns and cities, including Reno, Primm, and Carson City.

Online wagering is also allowed in Nevada, but only for sports betting and poker.

2. New Jersey

New Jersey’s Atlantic City has been a tourist city for over 100 years, but in the 1970s it was facing a decline in popularity. To combat this, officials legalized casinos, and the first one opened towards the end of the decade.

New Jersey had hoped that AC would become the “Vegas of the East”, but it hasn’t quite lived up to that. Online casinos, poker, and sports betting are also allowed in New Jersey.

3. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state that offers a wide range of casino gaming options, yet it doesn’t receive the same recognition as Las Vegas or New Jersey. Players can enjoy a wide variety of gaming options in the state’s twelve large casinos and a few “mini-casinos”.

The state has also legalized online casinos for anyone within its borders. That doesn’t mean you need to be a resident to use PA online casino sites, just that you must be present there while you play.

4. Colorado

Colorado is a state that allows online sports betting with quite a lot of competition from sportsbooks. It doesn’t allow online casinos or poker, though.

The state has almost two-dozen physical casinos too, including fifteen located in and around that state’s capital, Denver.

The Ten Best US States for Gaming

5. West Virginia

Like New Jersey, West Virginia allows online betting in the area of casino games, poker, and sports. It is one of the more recent states to legalize it, passing legislation in March 2019 and the first online casinos opening their virtual doors in July 2020.

The state also has some physical casinos, though four of these are located inside horse and dog racing tracks and the fifth is limited to guests staying at The Greenbrier Luxury Hotel Resort.

6. Oklahoma

Oklahoma doesn’t allow online betting of any kind (at the moment), but the state has legalized casinos in 2004.

Since then, more than 100 have opened their doors. The vast majority of these are operated by Native Americans, such as the Cherokee Casino chain, which has properties in Fort Gibson, West Siloam Springs, and Roland. It’s also home to the WinStar World Casino, the largest casino resort in the world.

7. California

California also doesn’t allow any form of online betting, but it has over 50 land-based casinos and many more card rooms. Also, like Oklahoma, most of the state’s casinos are operated by Native Americans.

Bordering Nevada, Californians also have the option to drive to Las Vegas or the Primm Valley Resorts that are located just over the state line.

8. Delaware

Delaware has just three casinos, all three are located at racetracks. It has, however, legalized online poker and casinos. Betting on sports is also permitted over the internet, though no sportsbooks currently allow it.

The state’s online casinos are operated by the physical casinos, so there isn’t much choice for gamers.

9. Florida

The Sunshine State has over 30 casinos operating within its borders. These are a mix of racetrack-casinos, Native American casinos, and casino ships.

Online wagering isn’t permitted, but you won’t be far from a land-based casino wherever you are in Florida.

10. Illinois

Illinois allows online sports betting, but not online poker or casinos, and it doesn’t look like this will change any time soon. It also offers around 10 physical casinos, including the Hollywood Casino Aurora and the Grand Victoria Casino Elgin.

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