Ten reasons online casinos are better than offline ones

Ten reasons online casinos are better than offline ones

If you’ve ever tried gambling you’ve most likely had both experiences on offline and online casinos. It’s quite hard to determine which one is the best for you which is understandable, as both of them have their advantages as well as disadvantages. It’s easy to guess the simpler things like knowing Jacks or Better is a good win on Blackjack, but what about the type of casino you gamble in? Are online casinos better than bricks and mortar ones?

In this article, we will try to outline what are the ten reasons that an online casino is better than an offline one, but remember that these are just subjective reasons, and if you like gambling offline, than it’s definitely your choice and you shouldn’t change it.

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No travelling

If you live in a country where the gambling law is a bit complex, you might have to drive for hours to get to a country or a region within your home country where gambling is allowed. This is mostly relevant for US citizens, who sometimes have to go to Las Vegas to truly experience a nice offline casino. With online, it’s much easier and comfortable as you don’t have to waste time and energy.

Better games

Games, especially slots are much more diverse on the online platform, simply because it’s much easier to develop just the software without having to make these large machines for each game.

The games tend to be much more in-depth, feature-rich and most importantly, profitable.

Better Variety

Online casinos are very rarely focused on just one type of game. The same can be said about offline venues as well, but only online casinos have space for everything starting from card games, roulette, a large number of slots, sports betting, eSports betting and etc.

Easy management

Several online casinos have better KYC rules where they sometimes prohibit a large deposit. This helps them keep things much more manageable while helping you do not spend too much while playing online.

It’s a very user-friendly strategy that offline casinos rarely have.

Better withdrawals

In most cases, whenever you’re cashing out in an offline casino, they give it through pure cash, which is either hard to store or just carry around, depending on how much you’ve won.

Online casinos can only transfer funds via online wallets, bank accounts and etc.

Customer support

Whenever you may have an issue in an offline casino, you’re forced to find a member of the staff to ask them a question or ask for help.

On an offline platform, the chat is available 24/7 and will answer your question within just seconds.

A more relaxed environment

Whenever you go to a casino, it’s always uncomfortable to leave early. Depending on how much you gambled, it’s always in the back of your head that might as well stay and make it worth the money I just spent.

On an online casino, you can just log out after five minutes of playing without a second thought.

Plus, you don’t have to dress up to play as people mostly do in casinos. You can literally gamble online in your birthday suit.

More casinos to choose from

Depending on your place of residence, you may have a large variety of casinos available offline, but they can never even come close to the numbers available online. Don’t like the casino you’re currently on? Just register on a different one from overseas or a local one.

The variety is there and they always have something to offer to newcomers.


Online casinos have a lot more bonuses available, which usually come in the form of free cash for you to gamble with, or just free spins on various slots that the casino has listed.

Offline casinos don’t really have these types of promotions, which they compensate with free drinks and other benefits.

But extra cash will always beat free drinks.


Online casinos provide a unique opportunity to multitask while you gamble.

For example, a lot of casinos say that people log onto their platforms during work hours, meaning that those who are allowed to gamble at work or just work from home, just log on the platform and play as they are doing their work.

In most cases, people have a second monitor where they do the spins and another monitor where they do their work.

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