Ten of the Most Popular Casino Games in Europe

Ten of the Most Popular Casino Games in Europe

In these times of online casinos, there is hardly anyone who hasn’t tried at least one online casino game. These fun mini-games are often popular because you can win real money and every player has the same chance. Gone are the days of poker tables filled with professional players who can win all the prizes right away. Even someone who is completely unfamiliar with these games can win a jackpot with a bit of luck.

Sure, online casinos have a huge market share in the area of ​​gambling, but it is worth knowing that stationary arcades and casinos are seeing their usage grow with more and more people seeing it as a sociable evening and a night out. But these days when it comes to casinos online will always win as there is always a much wider game selection and better payout percentages. On some slot games, you can expect around 30% higher payout ratios with an online play. A brick and mortar casino could never compete with that percentage because it has to cover rent, tax and electricity costs as well as all the additional staffing costs and real-world slot machines also have to be purchased and maintained.

Online casinos save on these costs and can satisfy a much larger number of visitors. These savings are of course shared with the players with slot games like the Book of Ra 6 kostenlos spielen offering amazing returns and potential wins. Best of all is that you don’t even have to spend money because free-play means you don’t have to dip into your digital wallet at all. You can learn a lot more about that here: Spieletrends

Depending on the type of player, different games are preferred in online casinos. Basically, there is a game for every taste. You don’t have to filter out “the most popular” games to play because we have done that for you with ten of the most popular online slot games Eupoeian players love the most…

Slot Games

The majority of online casino content often consists of slot games. In a well-equipped casino site you will find thousands of slots games from classic games to modern themed ones. There is always something for every type of player. There are also slots with different game systems and different payouts with some even offering millions in winnings and yes, some people do win on them now and again and it is often a life-changing sum


Poker is probably one of the most popular casino card games. There are several different variants of poker especially on the bigger, safer sites like https://casinonutansvensklicens.net/. The most popular version is Texas Hold’Em. The rules of Texas Hold’Em can differ in detail at different game providers but they are all essentially the same game at heart.


Roulette is a true classic among casino games. To this day, casinos cannot be imagined without them. Regarding the betting strategies in roulette, the player needs a certain mathematical understanding. If you are willing to put in a high stake for a relatively small win, then you can minimize the risk of loss. On the other hand, if you want to achieve high profits with a low stake, you have to take a high risk. In short brave players win more!


Baccarat is a mini card game that is always played against the dealer. The huge advantage of this game is that a game round takes less than a minute. You will then find out immediately whether you have managed to double your bet or whether you have lost it. It’s all about drawing a higher hand than the dealer. After a completed game round you can either play another round or drop out of the game. People often play it for its fast pace, but stay for the quick gains.


The basic principle of blackjack is similar to that of baccarat. The player can draw cards to get a high-value deck of cards. A maximum value must not be exceeded 21. If this value is exceeded, then unfortunately you have lost. Once the player is satisfied with their cards, it is the dealer’s turn. The card hand with a higher value wins.



Today, the lottery has already made a leap into online casinos. Anyone who has always enjoyed playing the lottery can now do so on the Internet. There are different lotto games, each with its own jackpot. You no longer have to wait a whole week for the next draw, because there are games with daily draws and different bonus systems. Not every online casino offers the lottery, but the number that do is always growing year on year.


Bingo is no longer just one of the most popular games in retirement homes all over Europe. Today there are many modern bingo variants on online casino sites which can be played via smartphone, for example. Bets can be made in real money and with a little luck can lead to really big winnings often in the thousands.

Sports Betting

Yes, these days you really can go into a casino and place a bet on several sporting events and games held on that day or in the future. From horse facing to NFL and NBA, most casinos offer a great range of bets and some fantastic odds as well.

Wheel of Fortune

This is a game that not many online casinos have, but I do know of a few that offer it and it is always wildly popular. It’s kind of like Roulette only the wheel is often vertical and there are no green “0” losing bets.


And we finish with a classic casino game that is more popular than you might think. Sure, more people play it in bricks and mortar casinos, but even online it has a big fan base with some of the top celebrity players enjoying it.

Do you live in Europe and enjoy playing a different kind of casino game that we didn’t mention? Do let us know in the comments below.

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