The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made at New Online Casinos

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made at New Online Casinos

Choosing a new online casino is not so easy then you think about it. It is a big choice to make and once you’ve decided where to open a casino account many other aspects have to be taken into consideration. It’s very important to know what to do when you start playing at a new casinos but it’s also good to see what mistakes other players make. Below you can find the top 10 biggest mistakes made by players when they are looking for and playing at an online casino.

1. Choose the casino with the highest bonus

Many players visit casinos with the highest bonus because they think they’ll have more money to play with. But they forget to look at the terms and conditions of the bonus. A simple rule is the higher the bonus the stricter the bonus terms. Also at online casinos nothing is free and you need to check the following points when you go after the highest bonus:

– How many times do I have to wager the bonus before I can request a withdrawal?
– Do I only wager the bonus amount or also the deposit amount?
– Can I withdraw all my winnings at once or is there a maximum?
– What is the maximum bet I can make with a bonus?

This sounds very logical but many people look at the wrong things when they choose a casino. The biggest mistake you can make on this aspect is to look only at the welcome bonus. Some people choose the casino with the highest bonus and start playing there. Then when they win money they get to hear that there is a maximum payout amount or very high wagering requirements.

On our site you can see for each casino the first deposit bonus, the wagering requirements and the minimum deposit you need to make in order to receive the bonus. The welcome bonus table is a very useful overview of the best casino bonuses.

2. Playing a game without studying the rules

Knowledge is King and this counts also with online gambling. You need to know the rules of each game you want to play before you can start playing with real money. The casino always has a statistical advantage over you and when you start playing without knowing the rules your chances of winning will only get smaller.

Some players believe that there are no rules and strategies to learn about online slots but that’s not true. Off course games like Blackjack and Craps have more rules and really need studying before wagering with real money but slot games also have rules and knowing which lines and bets to play gives you a small advantage which is very important when you want to win money.

When you want to play Blackjack it’s good to know what to do with different hand combinations. Do you fold or ask for another card in a particular situation and when can you double or split to increase your win potential. You can find out about these strategies on many websites and you can even buy books about Blackjack and many other games.

It’s also good to read about tips to win in an online casino. You can find articles with great tips and that can really give you more chance to win.

3. Try to win back the money you lost

So you had a bad day and you lost money. Don’t try to win this money back and just stop for a while. Take your losses and accept that it’s possible to lose from the casino. Put a budget when you start playing and when you’ve spent this budget stop playing. You need to see online gambling as fun and shouldn’t play to become rich. When you win a big prize or a jackpot it’s your lucky day so take out your winnings and don’t try to win more money for a while.

4. Cancel your withdrawal

Most casinos offer the option to cancel your withdrawal during a certain period (sometimes called “reverse withdrawal”). According to a Casino manager, this happens a lot and there are situations when players win 5.000 – 10.000 euros and after a few hours, they cancel this withdrawal and lose everything.

Just let the casino pay out your winnings and either make a new deposit on the same day or wait until you’ve received the winnings to make a new deposit.

Almost all casinos have a 24 hours pending period during which you can cancel your withdrawal. They say that they need this period to check the withdrawal and if everything is working correctly. This is partially true but most winnings can be checked in a few minutes and processed immediately. But casinos know that many players cancel the withdrawal after a few hours so you can imagine how much money they earn with this 24 hours pending period when players can cancel their withdrawal at any time.

5. Don’t drink alcohol while playing

Of course it’s fun to hold a poker night at your house and have a few beers and some snacks with some friends. But don’t do the same when you play alone in an online casino. The snacks are fine but avoid alcohol because this makes you feel more relaxed and you will take more risks.

You will not be the first player to wake up the next day with an empty bank account after a busy night playing online.

In addition, don’t open your laptop or tablet to play in an online casino after going to the pub or clubbing. A lot of money is lost by players who had too much alcohol after a night out and want to spend some time playing their favourite game before going to sleep.

Especially when playing Blackjack and other table games you need to make the right decisions and think about what your next action is; and this is more difficult to do with a lot of alcohol so it is dangerous for your wallet.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made at New Online Casinos

6. Open an account with fake details

The worst nightmare for any player is to win a big amount and the casino doesn’t pay you because the details provided are not correct. When you win money you always need to send documents and your identification and these need to be the same as the details in your account. If there are differences and especially in your name you can expect a long battle to get your money as some casinos will try to get away with not paying you the winnings because you provided the wrong details at the beginning.

Just use correct details or don’t play at all if you don’t want to provide your personal details. Most casinos have good security systems where your details get encrypted and prevent hackers to access your details.

7. Not investigating the financial terms of the casino

Before you open an account, you should first study the financial aspects of an online casino like payment methods, withdrawal methods, withdrawal limits and minimum deposit amount. The minimum deposit amount is usually 10 or 20 euro, so that’s not so much. It’s good to visit the banking page of the casino to see the payment methods they offer and if your favourite one is included. Also check the withdrawal methods and see how you can receive your money.

Some casinos have withdrawal limits, like 5.000 euro per day or 25.000 euro per month. It’s quite common to have these limits but they need to be reasonable. You don’t want to win 50.000 euro and the casino has a limit of 10.000 per month so you need to wait 5 months.

8. Not testing the customer support

We always advise you to contact the customer support team first by live chat and email. Ask some questions on the live chat and check how professionally they respond and if you don’t have to wait too long for an answer. Also send an email to their support email address and see how long it takes to receive an answer.

From the email and the way they talk to you on the live chat you can already have a good idea how they will treat you in the future and most importantly when you win money or have a problem.

9. Being rude to the casino staff

Even if you’ve had an unlucky day and you lost a bit more than planned never get angry at the casino staff because it’s not their fault. A casino manager told us that sometimes players get crazy and start swearing and screaming because they lost too much money. Just imagine that the same happens to you when you are at your job and somebody starts screaming at you whereas it’s not your mistake.

10. Playing to win

The main reason to play at an online casino is to have fun and if you win then it’s a nice coincidence. But see it as going to a pub to have a fun night and to have some entertainment online. Play at a live casino and chat a bit with the live dealer. Try some different slot games over on and chat a bit with the live chat members. The live chat team is answering questions whole day long so they like to have a chat with a player for a change and it’s good to build up a good relationship with the casino for future bonus requests or when you have problems.

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