Ten Fake Easter Bunnies Who Are Sure to Make You Smile

With Easter coming up my little boy and me, both get excited at the thought of waking up and finding out what the Easter Bunny has brought us. But the other day we were inside a supermarket when a large green Easter bunny stopped little boy and me and gave him an egg, (not me the old skinflint) all well and good you say, but upon exiting that supermarket and heading into the high street a pink Easter Bunny decided to give my little one another egg. (once again I didn’t get squat!) I thought nothing of it until we were in the car on the way home and my little boy asks “Which one was the real Easter Bunny Dad?” I didn’t really know what to say, so maybe it is time I tried to find out…

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Dog Dressed as the Easter Bunny
Dog Dressed as the Easter Bunny

10 – Well I don’t think this is the real one because those slippers are well dodgy!

FACT: Nearly 150 million Easter cards are sent worldwide every year, but it is estimated that only 5 million of them have bunnies on them! It turns out that Easter chicks are the winner when it comes to cards with well over 20% of all cards sent featuring an image of one!

Dog Dressed as the Easter Bunny

9 – Well this one seems legit, but it’s far too old-looking to be the real one.

FACT: When people eat a chocolate bunny 76% of everyone asked said that they prefer to bite off the ears first! In other stats, 5% eat the feet first and 4% eat the tail first! I am an ear man myself.

Ferret Dressed as the Easter Bunny

8 – Very…uuuummm…nice! But not the real one with those teeth!

FACT: We get Easter rabbit cards, images, adverts, candy and chocolates. But the original stories and literature tales about the Easter show that is was an Easter Hare! It was, in fact, the Christians who changed the symbol of the hare to the Easter bunny because they believed that the rabbit was a more friendly animal to children.

Cat Dressed as the Easter Bunny

7 – The real Easter Bunny wouldn’t have daggers in its eyes like this one does!

FACT: So where did the original Easter “Hare” come from?!? Well, hares have always been associated with springtime since ancient times, but it is believed that the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, Eostre had a hare as her spiritual companion and that it symbolises fertility and rebirth.

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Cat Dressed as the Easter Bunny

6 – If you’re the real one, why are your ears not pink, and why do they smell funny

FACT: The idea of the egg-laying rabbit was spread around the world in the 1700’s by German immigrant family’s. They told their children to make nests, caps and bonnets, then if they were good the Easter bunny would leave them coloured eggs!

Koala Bear Dressed as the Easter Bunny

5 – You might look the part, but the real Easter bunny would only eat chocolate!

FACT: The Easter egg being a symbol of renewal, rebirth, etc., which ties back to Christ’s resurrection

Horse Dressed as the Easter Bunny

4 – You do look the part, but why the long face?!

FACT: Every wondered why the two things eggs and rabbits are together? Well during the Middle Ages the rabbit was associated with chicken eggs since both were symbols of fertility and rebirth in the spring the two things were always given to people! A rabbit to eat, and some chicken eggs to go with it! Although that doesn’t sound like a nice meal at all.

Dog Dressed as the Easter Bunny

3 – The real Easter Bunny wouldn’t have to force a smile it would be natural!

FACT: Back when the Europeans began to settle in Australia, they didn’t realise that there were no rabbits until Easter time! So throughout the course of the next year, they shipped in nearly 500 of them. Within the space of a few months, there were thousands!

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Dogs Dressed as the Easter Bunny

2 – Well all three of you can’t be the real one, someone is lying here so who is it?!

FACT: An estimated 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made for Easter every year! That is well over 2900 tons of chocolate! Most of those are sold by Lindt.

Dog Dressed as the Easter Bunny

1 – Oh I give up, this is just getting ridiculous!!!

FACT: In a survey of 5,000 children, it showed a sad stat that 4.3% of all the kids involved with the study believed that rabbits lay eggs!

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