Ten Things You Should Never Do In A Casino

Ten Things You Should Never Do In A Casino

“There is a very easy way to return from a casino with a small fortune: Go there with a large one,” Say a popular antigambling quote. Sadly, that quote is true and one of the reasons why you should never take money you can’t afford to lose to a casino. With that in mind, you should also remember that there is nothing wrong with going to the casino and being responsible with your bets. You might even win a small fortune on top of what you took there if you avoid getting emotional and making silly mistakes. You have to ensure that you use the money you take to a casino to enjoy your time there and that will only happen if you don’t make these mistakes.

Chase Your Losses

It is called using good money to chase bad money. All money that you lose in a casino is bad money and no amount of winning can bring it back. You stand a higher chance of losing more money than winning some when you start chasing your losses. You should keep your cool and be strategic even when you lose money at a casino. If you realize that you are getting too emotional, chances are you are losing more than you planned for when coming to the casino and the best idea is to cut your losses and come back another day.

Over bet Your Bankroll

This is a mistake that many people make especially when betting on slot machines. You have to be ready to lose at the slots because you can’t win with each spin. The best strategy s to spend as much time as you can at each slot and enjoy your game while your bankroll lasts. That means you should have enough money with you to spend at least three hours at the slot machine and if your bankroll won’t allow you to stay that long, it may be a good idea to go for a cheaper slot machine or go home. If you plan to spend $500 at the slots for example, you shouldn’t go to a $5 slot because you will be out of money before you even get the chance to get something back from the machine.

Blame Losses One Someone Else

A casino is the one place where you go in ready to lose money and need to retain your smile while doing it. It happens a lot when people are playing blackjack, poker or other table games and they start getting angry at the dealer when they lose. Some even lose their cool and start shouting at their fellow players. The only person you can blame for your losses is your strategy which you can either change and bet smarter or call it quits and go home.

Use Credits You Find At A Slot

It may not sound like much, but any money you didn’t win or bring with you to the casino is not yours to spend. If you find a slot machine with credits, you should hand over the ticket to the security or just move to another machine. You can actually be arrested and be prosecuted for using someone else’s slot credits even if it is a very small amount.

Take Someone’s Advice

It is alright to go with family and friends to the casino but it is never a good idea to rely on their advice to make your bets. The first thing you should remember is that the money is yours and the losses are in your pocket. You shouldn’t bet depending on how much those around you are betting or based on what someone tells you is the best strategy. Just go to the casino with your own strategy and make bets that agree with your pocket.

Ten Things You Should Never Do In A Casino

Drink A Lot

Many casinos serve cheap or free drinks as long as you are at the table playing your hands but you should remember that the casino is not your friend. The house is always trying to make you bet more money less wisely one of the easiest ways to achieve that is by getting you drunk.


This is one rule everyone knows before they step into a casino but somehow tend to forget. Every move you make in a casino is being closely monitored by cameras, security and the dealers. Any winnings you claim will also be reviewed, so you can be sure that the face of each card will be scanned, every throw of your dice reviewed and every spin of the slot checked.

Go For More Money

Gambling has been around for millennia and every day you step into a casino, you stand a chance to win or lose. You should therefore set your goal and carry the cash you can happily play with. If you have lost all the money you brought with you, never go back to the ATM to withdraw more money. You should never empty your accounts for more money to gamble. Once you have finished the cash you brought with you, go home.

Bet Back All Your Winnings

“The only way to win money in a casino is to own one,” goes another anti-gambling quote which is also true. You will actually have more losses than wins on any day in a casino because the house always has the advantage and they determine your odds. When you make those small winnings, they may be the only way to win back some of that money you are losing which is why you should never feel too lucky after winning. Make sure some of those winnings go back home with your. Whenever possible, leave the casino while you are ahead and you will be happy.

Going For A Cash Advance From The Casino

You can go with your credit card to the casino and ask for a cash advance at the counter and it will be charged on your bank. You can also go for a line of credit from the casino and pay it off if you win or write the casino a check. Both methods are bad ideas because you will always end up on the losing side. With the cash advance, your bank will charge you a huge percentage and still charge interest while the casino will also retain some of it at fees. It is more like losing money so you can lose more money. Just come to the casino with your own money and go home if you can’t afford any more bets.

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