Ten Pac-Man Gift Ideas For Those Who Remember The Classic Games

While Pac-Man was being developed in the 70’s it wasn’t until May 22, 1980, that he first hit the arcades. That was indeed a long time ago, but I still remember playing it in the arcades as if it was only yesterday! Anyone who loved this pill-munching hero will enjoy these gift ideas that are all shaped or styled to look like the maze navigator himself or the classic arcade cabinet…


Pac-Man Arcade Machine Coffee Mug
Pac-Man Arcade Machine Coffee Mug

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It might look like an odd-shaped cup, but it is also a big looking cup meaning you get a lot more coffee inside of it making it perfect for those nights you are up playing Pacman on your smartphone.

Pac-Man Connect and Play Games Machine

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This simple little console is just ‘plug and play’ and features 12 classic games, four of which is obviously Pac-Man. Then there is Bosconian, Galaxian, Mappy, Galaga, Dig Dug, New Rally X, Pac & Pal and Xevious!

Pac-Man Arcade Machine Alarm Clock

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Most of us use our smartphones for alarm-clocks these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have this as a backup! We all like to hit that snooze button, so why not do it in retro arcade style.

Pac-Man Bottle Opener

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It sticks to the fridge, munches on the tops of bottles and is quite handy at a party with lots of beer bottles. I just which it made that Waka, Waka, Waka sound when it opened them.

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Pac-Man Arcade Machine Keyring

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This little keyring is little more than the classic Pac-Man arcade machine and all its original stylings. It doesn’t work and doesn’t do much more than making it a little easier to find your keys when you need them.

Pac-Man Stress Ball

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If you have been chased by ghosts all day long you might be feeling a little stressed and that is where this Pac-Man comes into it. Just give him a little squeeze a few times and you will feel much better.

Pac-Man Fully Working Arcade Machine Keyring

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While the previous little keyring didn’t work, this one really does! With its little arcade stick and buttons, plus original sound effects, this classic game can be played anywhere and just about anywhen.

Radio Controlled Pac-Man

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Once you have purchased this R/C Pac-Man you just need to dress up the family pets as ghosts and chase them around the house for the most realistic game of Pac-Man ever devised!

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Pac-Man Arcade Machine Candy Tins X12

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While you can buy these individually, I think they are pretty nice as a box of them. Not only are the cardboard boxes the sweets come in shaped like the classic arcade cabinet, but the sweets themselves are also shaped like little edible Pac-Men!

Pac-Man Plush

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While he is an odd-looking guy this plush makes him look kind of cute and certainly hugable. With this little furball by your side, those ghosts will stay well away from you.

Author: Gus Barge

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