Ten Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh

If there is anything better than having a yard, it is having a healthy yard. As you already know, wintertime takes a heavy toll on yards. When the first signs of spring begin to show, so do the signs of damage done on your yard from harsh weather conditions. Summertime may also not be a great friend to back and front yards with its extreme sun and heat.

This article gives you ten sure-fire ways to protect and retain healthy soil, grass, plants, and trees, bringing out the beautiful colors and charm of your property.


Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh - Assess for Flaws

1 – Assess for Flaws

To fix any problem, you have to know what it is first. Go around your lawn and have a thorough look at it. Find out what the major flaws of your yard are and how to fix the most common problems they encounter. Probably the first thing that will catch your eye is tall weeds, dead limbs, overgrown grass, and debris. You might notice that some spots of the area need more plants, while another area needs more shade.

Not every garden is going to be the same, so this assessment will help you determine what strategies you need. Some improvements will have the most impact on the yard, so focus on what those improvements might be. Some yards might only need some mild trimming, others look like a jungle and will appreciate more work done on it.

Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh - Clear and Remove
Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh – Clear and Remove

2. Clear and Remove

First things first! You want to remove dead weed and dead plants. It is a process regardless of how you plan to do it, whether manually or if you intend to use a weed killer; be careful the weed killer doesn’t harm other healthy plants.

As you clear and remove debris, the yard begins to take shape, and you have a much better picture of what will enhance it.

Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh - Remove Leaves Early

3. Remove Leaves Early

Golden orange leaves are beautiful to look at but pretty unhealthy for your grass. Before the winter season hits, don’t procrastinate on removing fallen leaves because they could damage the grass if a thick mat is left on it. When there are too many leaves, they block light and air that grass needs to remain healthy.

Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh - Choose the Right Soil

4. Choose the Right Soil

Like a house, everything starts by having a strong foundation and the soil used is the foundation of the yard. You need to match up the right soil for the right grass, plants, or trees. For instance, the soil you use for your cactus will not do as well for other types of plants. When learning how to care for a new lawn, you should know that potting soil won’t do well for your grass, and grass soil won’t work for your potted plants. Garden soil has a thick texture and holds water longer than potting soil. You shouldn’t use garden soil for your plants because it’s heavy, and plant roots can’t breathe through it.

Many of your grass problems stem from using the wrong soil. The best lawn soil composition should include sand, silt, clay, and organic matter – all in the right ratio.

Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh - Fertilize

5. Fertilize

After getting the right soil, it’s time to fertilize it. You can rake it to the top 4 inches of soil before planting anything. It is best to fertilize a lawn heavily in fall and lightly in springtime. There is such a thing as too much fertilization that can damage or even kill plants and grass.
Don’t fertilize too early. A good time would be late spring.

Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh - Water Deep

6. Water Deep

For healthy grass, you must water deep into the soil, but less often. This method helps grass stay lush even during the hottest weather.

Follow expert advice and water your lawn one inch deep, once a week or twice depending on how hot the climate is. There are different tools and equipment to tell you if you’ve watered one inch and if you’ve done so on an equal level throughout the yard.

Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh - Mowing

7. Mowing

The height of the grass goes a long way in making a yard look neat and tidy. It also makes a big difference in making grass healthy and strong. The height often depends on the type of species your grass is.

Some types of grass could be mowed at three inches, while others need to be mowed one inch, so it’s not just a matter of setting the mower on a particular setting. There are plenty of mowing tips to mow like a pro. The general rule of thumb is to keep the grass at around two and a half inches high mow it when it reaches 3 and 2/3 inches. Keeping it too long means you’re not stimulating it enough because you’re not mowing regularly, and keeping it too short, you stress it.

Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh - Grass Clippings

8. Grass Clippings

The best thing about grass clippings is that you don’t have to remove them because they are a part of your lawn care. They are a source of nitrogen and break down quickly. Clippings that are around one inch in length can be left on the grass, used as mulch. There are several other ways to use grass clippings that you could learn.


Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh - Trim and Trim Again

9. Trim and Trim Again

Trimming and more trimming is key to making the area always look neat and fresh. You want to prune overgrown branches, twigs, bushes, and hedges. Trimming gives any yard a freshly manicured look.

Ways to Make Sure Your Yard Always Looks Fresh - Bug Awareness

10. Bug Awareness

Bugs and insects are both cosmetic and health problems for your garden or yard. Holes in the soil can be an indicator of damaging insects. The best way to handle lawn pests is to classify them accurately, know their life cycles and signs, and then manage the problem quickly and appropriately at an appropriate time.

To keep your yard looking its best, you have to care for it and get it ready for each new season. When you do that, it will look lush and withstand all types of weather and remain healthy all year round. Yard care could be simple or as complex as you want it to be. Everything on this list is necessary to maintain a healthy yard and lawn and is sure to help you.

Author: Gus Barge

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