Top 10 Ways You Can Make a Deposit With Online Casinos

Making a deposit with an online casino is pretty simple these days with bank deposits and Paypal transfers, but some people need more unusual ways to make their deposit. While most casinos will accept some of these deposit methods, most will also sadly not accept some of them. So whatever method of deposit you choose/need make sure your online casino supports it, like all the excellent casinos with no deposit cash bonuses NZ.

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10 – Cash

Can you really make a deposit with a casino in cash? Well, yes! Some of the bigger branded casinos like Ladbrokes and Coral allow you to walk into their casinos or betting shops and make a deposit via cash, then in return, you can also win online and withdraw it in one of the shops! Not only is this method pretty secure, but it will also allow you to manage your betting habit easier.


9 – Cheque

These days not many places will accept this method of payment, but I do know that some of them do accept the new E-cheques.

Phone Bill

8 – Phone Bill

You would be surprised at just how many mobile app casinos will allow you to make a deposit via this method. It’s quick, safe and definitely secure as well as being pretty easy to manage your spending limits.

Phone Call

7 – Phone Call

While this method still requires a bank card, it is often preferred by some people because they like to hear a human voice associated with a casino. While not the safest method listed, it often makes people feel safer anyway.

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6 – Bitcoins

You would be truly surprised at the number of online casinos that will happily accept this method of deposit. While secure in payment, it can be hard to get a refund if you make a mistake with the amounts.

Pre-Paid Cards

5 – Pre-Paid Cards

Don’t want casino payments showing on your bank account? Why not use a pre-paid card that you can top up anytime. It’s private and helps you manage your spending easier.

Bank Transfer

4 – Bank Transfer

This is not the same as card deposit, this means you go to your online bank account and transfer the amount you wish to gamble with to the casino. You would be surprised how commonly this method is accepted.


3 – E-Wallet

Yeah, some casinos support a wide range of E-Wallet methods from Google Wallet, to Andriod pay as well as Apple Pay. Just allow the app to access your account and bobs your Uncle!

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2 – Card

It’s easy, safe, secure and quick as anything. But what you might not know is some casinos only accept certain cards! But even if the casino doesn’t accept your card you could always use that same card to open up a Paypal account, which is why it is our number 1.


1 – Paypal

You don’t need me to tell you this is the most popular method. When it comes to security they are second to none and really look after both your money and your deposit security. No matter what method you choose, make sure you know of any hidden fees or gambling restrictions before you do it.

Author: Gus Barge

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